Keep your customer contact accessible with Facebook. By connecting your Facebook Messenger with Embrace Customers, all contact takes place via the same, familiar CRM.

Optimise your customer service with Facebook integration into Embrace

With more than 10 million users in the Netherlands, Facebook is the second largest social medium. So it's useful to integrate Facebook Messenger with Embrace Customers. This way, all contact takes place via the same CRM system and omnichannel services remain possible. Thanks to Facebook Messenger as a contact channel, tenants and non-tenants can easily contact the corporation by sending a message. This only requires a Facebook account and a subscription to service provider, so that communication between Embrace and Facebook Messenger is possible.

Benefits for your (non-) tenant:

  • 24/7 contact, even when the corporation is closed
  • Contact via one of the most popular contact channels
  • Easily share a photo, voice message, or other file
  • No longer “on hold” like on the phone
  • Always a chat history to keep track of

Benefits for your KCC:

  • Fewer calls to handle
  • Easier to request photos or other files
  • Knowledgebase for (standard) answers directly at hand
  • Self-control over availability on Facebook Messenger
  • Standard response in case of absence

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