We are Embrace
The Human Cloud

We are Embrace — The Human Cloud. With our software, we help organizations automate processes and unlock knowledge. We like to make meaningful connections between people. Smart technology helps your organization move forward, but it can't that without people's knowledge and experience.

The human

We are not just a software company; we are Embrace. Driven by the passion to help our customers excel.
We move with the speed of light. While others are still brainstorming, today we deliver everything our customers need tomorrow.
Design is our soul. We believe in the power of aesthetics because we know that beautiful software not only works, but also brings joy.
Professionalism is our trademark. We understand that reliable, user-friendly software is critical to success, and we're always ready to support our customers.
Together, we form a vibrant community of thinkers and doers. We are a human cloud, where meaningful connections arise, from person to person.

Embrace together
in numbers and facts

Together, we can do anything. Together, we make each other better. Here we help each other, talk to each other and not about each other, and solve problems together. Of course, this includes a regular party, because working together is best when it's also a bit fun.

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