Call center system

A complete call center and telephony system in your browser. Then save the contact moments in customer cards. This way, you always keep an overview!

Benefits for your KCC

  • No more looking for how to get in touch
  • No longer “on hold” like on the phone
  • Quick answers to frequently asked questions
  • Easy file sharing (e.g. repair requests)
  • Always the opportunity to speak to an employee

Customer Recognition

Unknown relationship on the line? Embrace Customers tries to find the right customer directly based on the number.

By seizing the opportunities for digitization with both hands, we, as Kennemer Wonen, can work more efficiently and personally support tenants where necessary.

Anja van Burgsteden
Information Management Advisor
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What are the benefits of Embrace telephony?

Everything arranged within one system

What is a customer portal?

A customer portal is a separate online environment for your customers, which they must log in to use it. So other people can't just get to this. This way, your customers can contact your organization in a safe way, consult personal information or arrange certain things themselves, such as changing an address or tracking an order.

What does omnichannel mean?

Omnichannel means that you can serve your customers via different contact channels and they have the same customer experience, no matter what channel they use to contact. So it doesn't matter to your customers whether they contact your organization via WhatsApp or email, for example; they receive the same information and the same service everywhere.