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connects people & technology

Our software automates processes where it can, but engages professionals from your organization when necessary.

400+ organizations work with Embrace every day

Social intranet brings your people together

Start a social intranet for your organization in the blink of an eye and expand it into the perfect digital workplace.

Strengthen internal communication

Switch quickly between each other

Share knowledge organization-wide

Everyone is always up to date

Relevant information

Create target group-oriented content

Microsoft 365 integration

All the important tools in one environment

Power to the tenant

With Embrace's tools, you can provide personal support to your tenants in an easy, fast and efficient way.


All your tenant details in one place

Customer portal

Securely arrange everything in a private portal

Self service

Let tenants arrange things themselves with self service


The meeting place for important information

By seizing the opportunities for digitization with both hands, we, as Kennemer Wonen, can work more efficiently and personally support tenants where necessary.

Anja van Burgsteden
Information Management Advisor
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Why do I need a social intranet?

With a social intranet, you create a place where you can stimulate employee engagement with your organization, increase awareness of the business strategy, promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, and disseminate work instructions. For example, a social intranet increases the connection of your colleagues with each other and the organization and contributes to transparent (er) internal communication.

What is a social intranet?

A social intranet is a digital meeting and/or meeting place for your organization. What makes it social is the interaction: instead of just communicating top-down, all colleagues can post messages here and actively participate in the intranet.

How to collaborate online

In order to be able to collaborate successfully online, it is not only important that you have the right resources, but also make good and clear agreements about how to use them, especially if there is overlap in the functionalities. This way, you ensure that you and your colleagues keep structure and overview, even when you work together in the office again.