Let visitors to your website and portal get in touch quickly via chat. Easily link this data to a customer card for a complete customer view.

Improve your customer service with Embrace Webchat

With Embrace Webchat, visitors to your website and tenants can contact your corporation via chat in the customer portal. On the website and in the portal, a chat option will then appear at the bottom right. The web chat is online when your KCC staff is logged into Embrace Customers. Visitors to the portal and website can then get in touch easily and quickly. You can link chats with tenants to the associated customer card, so that your omnichannel service does not come at the expense of a complete customer view.

Benefits for your (non-) tenant:

  • No more looking for how to get in touch
  • No longer “on hold” like on the phone
  • Quick answers to frequently asked questions
  • Easy file sharing (e.g. repair requests)
  • Always the opportunity to speak to an employee

Benefits for your KCC:

  • Standard response in case of absence
  • Fewer calls to handle
  • Visitors first visit the knowledge base and only then come to an employee
  • Knowledgebase and self-service for (standard) answers directly at hand
  • Self-control over web chat availability

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