Targeted content

With target group-oriented content, we offer various organizational units a personalized place on the intranet.

Dynamically built home pages

Depending on role, digital skills or goal, you adjust the dashboard.

Dashboards in your own style

With Embrace Multi-Label, portals can be offered in various styles and languages.

Personal timeline

Read what people share within groups to stay up to date with what's going on and what's relevant.

Multiple entities

Embrace's targeted group-oriented content is often used by organizations that consist of multiple entities with their own unique identity. In a collective, employees from different angles and organizations come together. This creates groups that are cross-organizational, departmental and functional. Thanks to targeted group-oriented content, the information needs of each employee can be met. For example, you can set up role-based dashboards based on personas that offer a personalized and specific experience for one group of employees.

Multilingual and useful during onboarding

Targeted group-oriented content can also be used to provide multilingual content. Very useful if you have employees who only speak English, for example. In addition, targeted group-oriented content also offers opportunities for onboarding. For example, you can already give new employees, who are not officially part of the organization yet, access to some of the content on the social intranet. This way, they can get to know the organization in advance.

For example, Embrace's Liquit integration makes work easier

The Municipality of Montferland wants to get rid of long lists of application icons and the search for relevant apps. Solution: Integrate Liquit with Embrace's social intranet. Hans Volbeda explains.

This is how the Duo organizations made their social intranet the central point of collaboration

The Duo+ implementation organization serves the municipalities of Ouder-Amstel, Diemen and Uithoorn, which employ 1,000 employees. For effective collaboration after the establishment, local intranets had to be brought together into one central system.

How Upstream smartly uses an anniversary to gain more insight into the use of their social intranet

Upstream, with several social workshops in Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam, supports people with a distance from the labor market. With 400 officials at 7 locations, connection is crucial. Cheri Kloeth and Semra Karaca share how they improved the social intranet at its one-year anniversary.

This is how SAKs made their social intranet a raging success.

SaKS scores well in Evolve's research into internal use of social media. They are fifth overall and third in raising awareness of the business strategy. This rewards six years of effort by Rodney Bieman, Rob Boekelaar and Elly Spanjaard, who are proud of the success of their social intranet Sam.

Good internal communication is essential for new initiatives, projects and better collaboration

Internal communication among housing associations is crucial but often underexposed. Advisor Froukje Nigten and Vidomes employee Melissa Vroege share their insights about effective internal communication, the role of a social intranet and the benefits of being connected within the organization.

Social intranet for more job satisfaction and better care; HVO-Querido makes it happen

Iedereen beschikt over relevante input op het gebied van kennis, ideeën en ervaring. Input waarmee je, als je die met elkaar deelt, slimmer kunt worden. Als persoon én als organisatie. Precies de reden dat de Amsterdamse zorgorganisatie HVO-Querido koos voor een social intranet van Embrace.

Healthcare organization Thebes saves time and irritation by making documents easy to search

The inability or difficulty in finding the right information and documents was high on the list of annoyances among Thebes employees. Colleagues work in many different locations and want to have access to essential information quickly. Now, Thebes works with Embrace's Knowledgebase. Quite an improvement!

How an intranet connects healthcare organization Waardeburgh in times of crisis

Waardeburgh (formerly Present) has residential care centers at five locations, provides home care and rents apartments. Of the approximately 600 employees, around 90 percent are healthcare providers. The rest are in the office, in the kitchen or cleaning. The purpose of the new social intranet: Connection. Did it come? And what else did the intranet provide?

A digital workplace with SSO and access to external applications: ZuidOostZorg leads the way

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How can I adapt my social intranet dashboard to different roles and digital skills?

Our social intranet dashboards are dynamically structured, allowing you to adapt them based on users' roles, digital skills, and goals. This gives each employee a personalized home page that meets their specific needs.

How can I adapt my social intranet to different parts of the organization?

With Embrace, we offer target group-oriented content, so that various organizational units have a personalized place on the intranet. This allows employees to find relevant information that is specifically tailored to their role, department, or goal.

How do I adapt my social intranet to different styles and languages?

With Embrace Multi-Label, portals can be offered in various corporate styles and languages. This enables organizations to adapt their intranet to the unique identities of different entities within the organization, improving user experience and increasing engagement.