For government professionals

Integral collaboration

Embrace is the digital workplace for government professionals. It offers the possibility to collaborate online, share knowledge and manage documents in a clear way.

165+ overheidsinstellingen werken dagelijks met Embrace

Always safe and accessible

Collaborate with professionals from inside or outside the government, inside or outside your organization.

Connecting factor

Connect the right people with the right knowledge within the organization. Match question and answer.

Microsoft 365 integration

This integration makes working together in groups very easy and efficient.

Digital work environment

Technology is at the core of how we work (together). Everyone must be able to do their work as efficiently as possible. Regardless of time and location. Digital processes that are workable for everyone. That's what Embrace stands for.

People-friendly software
Better knowledge sharing
More productive people

One social and user-friendly portal

A modern digital work environment ensures interconnection and rapid knowledge sharing. As a user, you don't have to search for your information. Everything is in one social portal. To do this, use the social intranet in combination with our smart Microsoft 365 integration.

High level of employee acceptance
Reduces complexity
Take advantage of all the benefits of the Microsoft tools

If you can give personal attention to employees who are involved in using the platform, that helps enormously. This is where you really see the added value if you can use the social intranet full-time.

Nicole Heij
DUO+ Communication Advisor
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“Social intranet for government professionals” is a free e-book with social intranet best practices and customer cases for government professionals.

Experiences from professionals
with Embrace

How Upstream smartly uses an anniversary to gain more insight into the use of their social intranet

Upstream, with several social workshops in Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam, supports people with a distance from the labor market. With 400 officials at 7 locations, connection is crucial. Cheri Kloeth and Semra Karaca share how they improved the social intranet at its one-year anniversary.

For example, Embrace's Liquit integration makes work easier

The Municipality of Montferland wants to get rid of long lists of application icons and the search for relevant apps. Solution: Integrate Liquit with Embrace's social intranet. Hans Volbeda explains.

This is how SAKs made their social intranet a raging success.

SaKS scores well in Evolve's research into internal use of social media. They are fifth overall and third in raising awareness of the business strategy. This rewards six years of effort by Rodney Bieman, Rob Boekelaar and Elly Spanjaard, who are proud of the success of their social intranet Sam.

This is how the Duo organizations made their social intranet the central point of collaboration

The Duo+ implementation organization serves the municipalities of Ouder-Amstel, Diemen and Uithoorn, which employ 1,000 employees. For effective collaboration after the establishment, local intranets had to be brought together into one central system.

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Frequently Asked


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Is Embrace digitally accessible?

Embrace strives to make its products as accessible as possible. We regularly have WCAG audits carried out ourselves and also work with our customers based on audits that they have carried out. Based on that collaboration, we added, among other things, a high-contrast theme and keyboard navigation to our product and made many minor improvements. Our customers are successfully requesting an AA level accessibility statement based on our software.

How does Embrace integrate with government applications and the rest of the digital landscape?

The Social Intranet is the user-friendly shell around the ICT environment of a government agency. That is so easy for government professionals. No countless separate apps, but one portal where an employee can directly view external search results and documents from SharePoint or MY-LEX and retrieve notifications from TOPdesk. In addition, the Social Intranet integrates perfectly with (government) systems such as Liquit, AFAS or Microsoft 365.

What type of government institution is Embrace Social suitable for?

Embrace is very flexible, making it a user-friendly digital workplace portal that can be customized for any type of government. More than 200,000 government professionals - municipalities, water boards, safety regions, environmental services, central governments and more - use Embrace Social Intranet every day.