Together, we can do even more

Thanks to our Social Intranet, (international) organizations work smarter together. Also we like to work together smartly. Not only with each other, but also with our partners. Together, we provide the best experience for the end user.

Digital workplace

Together with our service providers, we are the face of the digital transformation. Take the step towards a digital workplace with us.

Embrace <3 integrations

The application landscape is very diverse. We integrate applications so they can seamlessly connect to the intranet.

Knowledge partners

We have the necessary knowledge, but we certainly don't know everything. By exchanging knowledge, we provide a winning combination.

Embrace partners
‍‍Workplace, knowledge or integration partner

Workplace partners

Embrace: Digital Workplace

Our service partners use Embrace Workspace as the face of the modern digital workplace. The social intranet serves as a basis for finding colleagues, knowledge and information. In addition, Workspace offers central access to Microsoft 365, on-premise and legacy (Liquit) and other cloud work applications. Embrace's digital workplace portal is therefore the starting point of the working day.

Take advantage of our workplace partners:

Integration partners

Integrate and create

Together with our integration partners, we provide structure in the digital landscape. We set the bar higher than just logging in with single-sign-on (SSO). We unlock information and create one well-organized workplace portal.

These integrations include integrated links with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, TOPdesk, Liquit, MY-LEX, Zenya and Vilans, among others.

Knowledge partners

Knowledge is strength

On the way to the digital transformation from the workplace, we work with leading knowledge partners:

Microsoft Partner

We are a recognised Microsoft Partner. You can be sure that our knowledge of Microsoft is always up-to-date.


Embrace is part of the Aareon ecosystem. Aareon is a leading SaaS provider in Europe.

Not bound by borders

We are not bound by borders. Together with our partners, we also help organizations in Belgium, Germany and England, among others. A selection of organizations that use Embrace internationally:

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Frequently Asked


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Why do I need a social intranet?

With a social intranet, you create a place where you can stimulate employee engagement with your organization, increase awareness of the business strategy, promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, and disseminate work instructions. For example, a social intranet increases the connection of your colleagues with each other and the organization and contributes to transparent (er) internal communication.

What is a social intranet?

A social intranet is a digital meeting and/or meeting place for your organization. What makes it social is the interaction: instead of just communicating top-down, all colleagues can post messages here and actively participate in the intranet.

How to collaborate online

In order to be able to collaborate successfully online, it is not only important that you have the right resources, but also make good and clear agreements about how to use them, especially if there is overlap in the functionalities. This way, you ensure that you and your colleagues keep structure and overview, even when you work together in the office again.