Give new tenants a warm welcome by arranging all (administrative) matters quickly and neatly. This gives the tenant confidence and you the certainty that you have not overlooked anything.

Improve the onboarding process with Embrace onboarding

Onboarding is the process of welcoming your new tenants to your corporation. By digitizing this, they can not only arrange and monitor their affairs online right from the first moment, but you also open the door for them to keep doing this. This is how you stimulate your online services. Behind the scenes, all your new tenant's data comes together in Embrace Customers from various systems, steps and departments — automated, structured and digitized. So you hardly have to worry about it anymore.

Benefits for your tenants

  • Arrange your own affairs 24/7 via the tenant portal
  • Follow the status of your request step-by-step
  • Get notified when you need to take action
  • Sign a rental contract online and pay the first rental bill
  • Simply make an appointment to hand over the keys

Benefits for your KCC:

  • Less repetitive work by automating your onboarding process
  • Overview of the progress of the process thanks to clear case steps
  • Always have all documents and information directly at hand and in one place
  • Based on the familiar working methods of your housing association

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