Veilig alles regelen in een besloten portaal

Het klantportaal is een afgeschermd deel van jouw website waarop huurders inloggen. Hier kunnen ze o.a. contact opnemen, persoonlijke informatie raadplegen of zelf zaken regelen, zoals een adreswijziging. Tevreden huurders, tevreden medewerkers!


Use smart widgets and templates to build portals without technical knowledge.


Use standard self-service scenarios and customize them for your organization and tenants.

Multiple portals

Manage all your portals from one system, from customer portal and intranet to narrowcasting.


Embrace Designer uses so-called widgets to build portals. Widgets are blocks of functionality that you can fully configure.

Drag & drop

With Embrace Designer, designing your portals has become child's play. You choose the template you want, drag widgets to the right place, and configure them as you like.

Check-up gives Woningstichting Nijkerk a new boost in the use and management of their software

WSN implemented Embrace Customers in 2018, with a new website and customer portal. After the basic design, further development declined. In 2021, they will evaluate and plan further improvements, with the help of Embrace check-up consultants.

You can achieve the best service with a combination of digital services and personal contact

Digitization offers opportunities for more efficient services, while maintaining attention for tenants. Advisor Anja van Burgsteden and Knowledge Editor Inge Jongkind share their insights about this in a conversation.

NMG Vastgoed embraces Embrace

First, NMG chose Embrace's digital services to optimize internal processes. Later, it turned out that clients also benefit optimally from it.

Eighty percent of future tenants now sign the contract digitally

Housing corporation Lefier from Groningen and Drenthe is tackling the onboarding process of tenants in the Digital Welcoming project. What was the reason and what is the result? CorporatieGids Magazine spoke to Annette Mulder about it!

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What is a customer portal?

A customer portal is a separate online environment for your customers, which they must log in to use it. So other people can't just get to this. This way, your customers can contact your organization in a safe way, consult personal information or arrange certain things themselves, such as changing an address or tracking an order.

Why a customer portal?

Thanks to a customer portal, your (online) service is not only more customer-friendly, but also more efficient. Your customers can easily and quickly arrange things themselves, so there is less pressure on your customer contact center. In turn, these employees have more time for more complex customer questions. So by smartly combining relevant information, conversational AI such as chatbots and virtual assistants, self-service and, of course, your kcc, you are always available to your customers. In short: a customer portal ensures a better customer journey and customer experience.