All your tenant details in one place

With Embrace Customers' omnichannel CRM, you give your employees a 360º customer view of your tenants. So everyone knows exactly what's going on and you can easily keep appointments. Always, on time.


All customer conversations come in one place, whether by phone or WhatsApp.

360° customer view

All relevant information about (contact with) your tenant, at a glance.

Task- and business-oriented

An intelligent task and business system ensures that you comply with all agreements with your tenants.

Integrated knowledge base

Answer questions quickly and efficiently with automated messages that you can configure yourself with your own knowledge base. Thanks to this integrated knowledge base, your customer contact staff has an appropriate answer to every question, or the customer can easily find the answer to a question themselves. This allows you to help the tenant in a quick and adequate way. In other words, even better service.

Affairs and tasks

Affairs and tasks are listed in the case overview. This way, you can work in a business-oriented way and you are able to keep a better overview of requests from your tenants. And not only you have that overview, tenants can also monitor progress. No matter how complex the processes are, working in a business-oriented way ensures that progress, tasks, documents and conversations remain neatly organized. As a result, you and your tenants always have all the information directly at hand and everyone is aware of the status and progress.

Check-up gives Woningstichting Nijkerk a new boost in the use and management of their software

WSN implemented Embrace Customers in 2018, with a new website and customer portal. After the basic design, further development declined. In 2021, they will evaluate and plan further improvements, with the help of Embrace check-up consultants.

You can achieve the best service with a combination of digital services and personal contact

Digitization offers opportunities for more efficient services, while maintaining attention for tenants. Advisor Anja van Burgsteden and Knowledge Editor Inge Jongkind share their insights about this in a conversation.

NMG Vastgoed embraces Embrace

First, NMG chose Embrace's digital services to optimize internal processes. Later, it turned out that clients also benefit optimally from it.

Eighty percent of future tenants now sign the contract digitally

Housing corporation Lefier from Groningen and Drenthe is tackling the onboarding process of tenants in the Digital Welcoming project. What was the reason and what is the result? CorporatieGids Magazine spoke to Annette Mulder about it!

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What's the difference between omnichannel and multichannel?

The difference lies in putting the customer first. You speak of multichannel when the customer can use different channels to get in touch with your organization. It only becomes omnichannel when these channels are aligned, with the focus on the customer experience. Consider, for example, a store that also has a webshop.

Are the prices in the webshop different than in the store? Then the channels are not coordinated and it is therefore multichannel. In addition, the frustration that different prices cause the customer detracts from the experience. When the prices in the webshop and the store are the same, the channels are coordinated and the customer has the same experience everywhere. So he knows what to count on, which improves the customer experience.

Which companies use omnichannel?

The list of companies that use omnichannel is countless and is still growing. The trick is to make all channels, including mobile, website and physical location (such as a store), connect so seamlessly that customers can travel their customer journey with ease and pleasure. For example, IKEA shoppers can quickly turn their wish list of favorite items into a shopping list, complete with information where they can pick them up in the store. With a large number of products, they can also see how they fit into their home thanks to VR technology.

Or how about Disney, also known as “the omnichannel champion”? Not only does the trip planner on their website also work well on mobile, but with My Disney Experience, you can even plan your entire visit from start to finish. Once there, you can use their mobile app to see where, for example, the various attractions are, including current waiting times. Disney even has a special chip bracelet, the Magic Band, that keeps track of your tickets, hotel room keys, and even your park purchases. As a visitor to the park, you will be relieved of your worries as much as possible, so that you can enjoy yourself carefree.

What does omnichannel mean?

Omnichannel means that you can serve your customers via different contact channels and they have the same customer experience, no matter what channel they use to contact. So it doesn't matter to your customers whether they contact your organization via WhatsApp or email, for example; they receive the same information and the same service everywhere.

What is the big advantage of omnichannel?

Omnichannel increases customer satisfaction. Your customers can decide how to contact your organization and thus use the channel they prefer. With omnichannel, you also ensure that your customers always have the same experience, no matter what channel they use. By working omnichannel, you are not only more visible as an organization, but you also create more trust among your (potential) customers through the uniform customer experience.

What is online collaboration?

When working together online, things like communication, knowledge sharing and news exchange take place via a digital environment or an app. This includes chatting and calling your colleagues via Teams, working with your team in the same files via Sharepoint at the same time, and staying up to date with the latest news via your organization's social intranet.