When a corporation integrates the Email module into Embrace Customers, it is no longer necessary to keep another mailbox open in addition to Embrace Customers.

Work more efficiently thanks to Embrace's Email integration

Thanks to the integration of the Email module into Embrace Customers, employees no longer have to keep a separate mailbox open. The connection to an IMAP mailbox makes it possible to read and reply to incoming emails, all within Embrace Customers. This eliminates the need to switch between screens, cut and paste, or perform separate actions to access the knowledge base. With Email as an integrated channel, employees can easily respond, forward and create tasks (including adding emails) within the Embrace Customers platform.

Benefits for your KCC:

  • No more separate mailbox open
  • No more cutting and pasting, but adding an email to a task right away
  • Replies and forwarding within Customers
  • The knowledge base immediately available, for quick answers
  • From a ticket, an outbound mail conversation can be initiated

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