With Inceptivize, you can measure customer satisfaction among your tenants in various ways. For example, send a short survey after each new rental, repair, or rental cancellation. This way, you get immediate feedback on your customer contact.

Enhance the tenant experience with the Inceptivize integration in Embrace

With Inceptivize, you can send surveys to tenants at various times, such as after rentals, repairs or cancellations, to get immediate feedback. Thanks to this integration into Embrace, you can not only see customer ratings, but you can also convert them into actions such as callback requests. This improves the service per customer and your tenants feel that they really matter.

Benefits for your tenant:

  • Feeling seen and heard
  • Be able to share your contact experience
  • Your feedback will be dealt with promptly
  • Always feedback on your negative feedback
  • Service that is increasingly tailored to your needs

Benefits for your KCC:

  • Always up to date thanks to continuous measurement
  • Direct insight through direct questioning
  • Tools for optimizing your processes
  • Better picture of positive and negative reactions to your processes
  • Automatically create tasks in case of a negative review

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