Snellere verhuur van woningen

Embrace Housing is ons woonruimteverdeelsysteem, deze tool helpt bij de snelle verhuur van woningen. Geef aan waar de verhuring aan moet voldoen en de rest wordt automatisch geregeld.

Own direction

The home seeker can immediately get to work himself. From searching to finding, from a personal page.

Clear dashboard

Insight into data and the status of objects at one glance. From one housing association or entire region.

Faster rentals

Homes will be vacant for a considerably shorter period of time.

The home seeker is in charge

Depending on where home seekers are in the customer journey, they need different types of information. At any point in this customer journey, they know exactly where they are and what is expected of them.

Benefits for your tenant

  • Arrange your own affairs 24/7 via the tenant portal
  • Follow the status of your request step-by-step
  • Get notified when you need to take action
  • Sign a rental contract online
  • Make an appointment quickly for the key collection

Check-up gives Woningstichting Nijkerk a new boost in the use and management of their software

WSN implemented Embrace Customers in 2018, with a new website and customer portal. After the basic design, further development declined. In 2021, they will evaluate and plan further improvements, with the help of Embrace check-up consultants.

You can achieve the best service with a combination of digital services and personal contact

Digitization offers opportunities for more efficient services, while maintaining attention for tenants. Advisor Anja van Burgsteden and Knowledge Editor Inge Jongkind share their insights about this in a conversation.

NMG Vastgoed embraces Embrace

First, NMG chose Embrace's digital services to optimize internal processes. Later, it turned out that clients also benefit optimally from it.

Eighty percent of future tenants now sign the contract digitally

Housing corporation Lefier from Groningen and Drenthe is tackling the onboarding process of tenants in the Digital Welcoming project. What was the reason and what is the result? CorporatieGids Magazine spoke to Annette Mulder about it!

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Frequently Asked


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As a landlord, how can I use the living space distribution system?

As a landlord, you can use the living space distribution system by specifying which criteria the rental of homes must meet. The rest of the process is automatically arranged for you, allowing you to rent out homes more efficiently and quickly.

What are the benefits for home seekers when using the residential space distribution system?

Home seekers can manage their affairs 24/7 via the tenant portal, where they can follow the status of their application step-by-step. They receive notifications when action is required and can even sign their lease online. This gives home seekers more control and convenience in their search for a home.

How does the residential space distribution system contribute to faster rental of homes?

The living space distribution system ensures that homes are vacant for considerably less time. A clear dashboard with insight into data and object statuses allows landlords and housing associations to work more efficiently and respond quickly to home seekers, resulting in an accelerated rental process.