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Support that makes you happy

Embrace Customers offers everything that you need to provide tenants with the best possible service. Dialogues across different channels all come in in one convenient place. You can therefore offer personal support in an efficient way. Satisfied tenants and satisfied employees.

All in one place

All dialogues with the customer come in in one place, whether it is on the phone or via WhatsApp.

Smart dialogues

Automate customer dialogues where possible, answer personally where necessary.

Inviting and personal

Collect all conversation history with the customer on one clear timeline. Provide appropriate help.

All communication in one place


A complete call centre and telephone system in your browser. Use customer cards to view customer data and request details about previous contact.


Communicate with customers, wherever they are. Chat in real-time via messaging tools, including Whatsapp or the chat function in Embrace Portals.

Always an answer at your fingertips

Thanks to the knowledge bank, your customer contact employees have a suitable answer to every question. This allows them to serve the customer quickly and effectively.

Smart dialogues and self service

Automated dialogues and diverse self-service scenarios

Use Embrace Customers to automate dialogues. This way, tenants receive an answer even faster. Switch to an employee easily when necessary.

Customer data in flows

Create powerful flows and self service scenarios with customer data from any other system.

Proactive customer updates

With help from notifications, customers can be proactively informed about the status of their request or enquiry. This takes place through the customer’s preferred channel.

Personal and inviting

Customer recognition

The customer tracking system allows you to recognise your customers on the basis of “context aware conversation”. Customer contact agents have access to full conversation history and profile data, meaning they can answer faster and better.

Seamless integration

Embrace Customers can easily retrieve data from the systems your organisation uses. Whether it be ERP systems, planning software or niche packages, we can integrate them effortlessly.

Secure access

Digital accessibility

Naturally, our customer tracking system is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be accessible to everyone.

Multiple devices

All information within Embrace Customers is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Employees can therefore access the system wherever and whenever they want.

Online safety

We support iDIN and DigiD authentication, among others. This makes the experience even more convenient for customers while guaranteeing their safety online.

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