Het urgentieproces  inzichtelijk

Weg met die bureaucratische rompslomp en onmogelijke hoepels waar een woningzoekende doorheen moet springen! Maak het hele urgentieproces makkelijker voor je toekomstige huurders én je medewerkers.

Fully digital

The entire process is fully digitally supported.

Everything insightful

Every step in the process is logged automatically.

Own direction

Home seekers can make a request via their My environment.

Urgent housing? Requested within no time!

Help the applicant verify that he/she meets all the conditions for applying for housing emergency from your corporation. This way, you can catch the majority of those requests that have no chance in time.

Personal control for home seekers

Home seekers can easily apply for housing emergency themselves via their My environment. They can also pay for the application there, provide documents and follow the entire process.

Check-up gives Woningstichting Nijkerk a new boost in the use and management of their software

WSN implemented Embrace Customers in 2018, with a new website and customer portal. After the basic design, further development declined. In 2021, they will evaluate and plan further improvements, with the help of Embrace check-up consultants.

You can achieve the best service with a combination of digital services and personal contact

Digitization offers opportunities for more efficient services, while maintaining attention for tenants. Advisor Anja van Burgsteden and Knowledge Editor Inge Jongkind share their insights about this in a conversation.

NMG Vastgoed embraces Embrace

First, NMG chose Embrace's digital services to optimize internal processes. Later, it turned out that clients also benefit optimally from it.

Eighty percent of future tenants now sign the contract digitally

Housing corporation Lefier from Groningen and Drenthe is tackling the onboarding process of tenants in the Digital Welcoming project. What was the reason and what is the result? CorporatieGids Magazine spoke to Annette Mulder about it!

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How does the digital urgency process help improve communication with home seekers?

Thanks to the digital urgency system, home seekers can easily follow their request online via a personal My environment. This offers them more control and transparency over the process. In addition, your employees can communicate more efficiently with requesters through automatic updates and notifications, increasing overall customer satisfaction.

How can using a digital urgency process help my corporation?

By using our fully digital process, corporate employees can work more efficiently and reduce bureaucratic red tape. The system automates steps such as receiving requests, documentation management, and communicating with applicants, saving time and making processes more transparent.