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An overview of customer contact

With Embrace Customers you can create an overview of customer contact with tenants. You will find all of the relevant customer information in one place and can initiate follow-up actions.

At a glance

All information on one screen

The customer card provides the employee with a complete picture of the customer at a glance. In addition to all customer interactions, this is where you will also find the customer data, various contracts, financial data and notices about the customer.

Embrace Customers
Embrace Customers

Case-oriented working

Simple to switch

With case-oriented working, both the customer and the employee can see which steps still need to be taken in a process and the expected length of time that this will take. It is also possible to send certain questions or requests to those with the relevant knowledge within the organisation.

Knowledge bank

Use the right knowledge

Answering customer questions is child’s play with the Embrace knowledge bank. Customer contact centre employees receive assistance from suggestions directly out of the knowledge base.

At a glance


All customer interactions are displayed in a clear timeline on the customer card. Examples include if something changes from the ERP system, if an account is created in the customer portal or if a question is asked over the telephone.


An alert is a warning that is linked to a customer card. As a result, the customer contact employee knows immediately what is going on for that customer or tenant.

Connect questions to answers


Assign tasks to first or second-line employees, based on customer contact. It is also possible to assign certain tasks to a department.

Customer assistant

Customers can find the relevant answer to their question within a few clicks, thanks to the concise question tree under the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Extra overview

Extra fields

The employee can, for example, add an extra field or fields to the customer card. This can be, for example, a deep link to an ERP system.

Service funds

A service fund is required for some home faults. Customers gives you a direct insight into whether a given fault falls under the service fund or not, and whether the customer is affiliated to a service fund.


When an employee receives a question or request from a customer, the employee can immediately see which professional, which repair company and therefore which supplier fits that situation the best. Forwarding the question or request is then simply.

Transparent services


Naturally you want to be able to monitor the digital services of your organisation. Thanks to clear reports from Power BI, this process is transparent, paving the way for well-founded adjustments.

Self-service scenario designer

The self-service scenario designer makes it possible to design different scenarios easily for each customer, such as submitting repair requests or terminating the tenancy.

Target groups

It is possible to add answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that apply to a specific target group. As a result, these answers are tailored to the specific situation of the customer.

Smart labels

Thanks to Smart Labels it is possible to manage concepts in one place. If these concepts appear in more places in the knowledge base, they are automatically adjusted everywhere.

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