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Connecting healthcare

Embrace is the digital workspace that connects you with your colleagues, and ensures that they can get to work using the most up-to-date knowledge.

Always nearby

Your colleagues always nearby. It is easy to access knowledge, documentation and other experts within your organization, from home or outdoors.

Up to date

The most relevant and up-to-date information is always available, whether this is for protocols, quality documents or colleagues’ experiences.

Get on board

Social is the perfect on-boarding tool for new employees to get to know the organisation and their new colleagues quickly.

Embrace Zorg

Always connected, always nearby

Colleagues and teams

Collaborating with colleagues has never been easier. Ask for information, answer questions and work in the same document at the same time. Even if you are far away, your colleagues and your team are always nearby.

Secure access
Whether you work in an office or are on the road all day, Embrace ensures you have secure access to the platform from anywhere. Logging in is simple, even when your away on site. Two-factor authentication integration is possible, to ensure you of a safe log-in.
Embrace can be used by (healthcare) employees on various devices. Do you switch between desktop, tablet or mobile during the day? No problem. You can access the platform on all of these devices.

Always up to date

Share knowledge

It goes without saying that Embrace stands for sharing knowledge. Whether this entails themed pages that collect all documentation relating to quality and protocols in a clear manner or gathering knowledge and experience from colleagues.

Manuals and protocols
Social offers a manual system in which you can find and consult all protocols and work instructions that are relevant to you.
Timeline and news

Timeline and news
Embrace the digital system with which you start your day. Thanks to the timeline and news reports, you know exactly what is happening within the organisation at the very moment it happens.

Get on board in no time

Knowledge and control
A profile is created for new employees before their first day even begins. The knowledge guide teaches new employees how most of the general processes in the organisation are arranged.
Embrace shows you what the organisation is about. Introduce yourself, say what work you are going to do and connect with your new colleagues almost instantly. Groups help you to get to know the organisation and its departments better; who is in the group, what their roles are and all of the necessary documentation to do your work properly.
Who knows what?
Colleagues’ profiles show you what their roles are and what they do. You can consult with these colleagues in groups and collaborate with them on projects or documents. The 'knowledge connector' also plays a major role in highlighting “who knows what”. Search within a particular field of expertise or skill set to find out who to contact to find answers to your questions.
Embrace Zorg

Secure and accessible

Digital accessibility
Naturally, our social intranet is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be accessible to everyone.
In the office or on the road
All information within Embrace Social is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Employees can therefore collaborate on and request information from the social intranet wherever and whenever they want.
Log in just once
Thanks to single sign-in, employees only have to log in once to use the intranet and all associated applications. It’s that easy.

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