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Project VIA

Embrace offers a software suite that brings modern digitization together. The products Digital Services and Digital Collaboration stimulate good cooperation, knowledge sharing and (customer) service.

Embrace Knowledge

At the intersection of digital customer contact and internal knowledge sharing and collaboration, Embrace has developed a new product: Embrace Knowledge. This combination of a knowledge base with hierarchically structured articles and the innovative Conversations module increases self-reliance without sacrificing the customer experience.

With Conversations, you offer knowledge in the form of digital and automated conversations (conversational design). You can use these Conversations for simple question-answer scenarios, surveys and even complete self-service scenarios. You set them up as decision trees with text fields, forms and multiple choice questions. Thanks to links to external systems, data is automatically retrieved and written.

What makes Conversations unique is that users can go through them in various ways and that the user interface adapts to the context. When someone goes through a Conversation on a webpage, it looks like a typical web form or survey.  If this happens in webchat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, our chatbot will turn it into a conversation.

You manage all Conversations in one place. Our software then ensures that your Conversations is used in the best form everywhere.

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