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Project KEI

Project KEI stands for Knowledge and Innovation within Embrace. We started this special Knowledge and Innovation process to work in an innovative way to improve business processes.

Improved business processes

These improved business processes are developed and anchored in Embrace's business philosophy. Something that is of great added value for a rapidly growing and changing company like ours.

The knowledge translates into concrete terms in the areas of business strategy, operations, HR, finance & control, but also into cooperation and knowledge exchange within the departments. The knowledge gained, is transferred to everyone in the organization, which should ensure a cultural change that affects everyone.

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Why do I need a social intranet?

With a social intranet, you create a place where you can stimulate employee engagement with your organization, increase awareness of the business strategy, promote knowledge sharing and collaboration, and disseminate work instructions. For example, a social intranet increases the connection of your colleagues with each other and the organization and contributes to transparent (er) internal communication.

What is a social intranet?

A social intranet is a digital meeting and/or meeting place for your organization. What makes it social is the interaction: instead of just communicating top-down, all colleagues can post messages here and actively participate in the intranet.

How to collaborate online

In order to be able to collaborate successfully online, it is not only important that you have the right resources, but also make good and clear agreements about how to use them, especially if there is overlap in the functionalities. This way, you ensure that you and your colleagues keep structure and overview, even when you work together in the office again.