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Microsoft 365 and Embrace: the ultimate digital workplace

One place with all Office documents, appointments, emails, Teams conversations and profiles that are relevant to you.
Everything in one place

Access all your Office documents, Outlook and 365 applications from the personal start page


Thanks to single sign-on, you only have to log in once to securely access all applications

Always up to date

Thanks to SharePoint Online, everyone always works with the most recent version of a document

Create a user-friendly workplace portal

Embrace with the Microsoft 365 integration helps organizations that want a modern digital work environment. By offering one user-friendly social workplace portal, we reduce complexity and increase employee acceptance. Employees can immediately start editing and collaborating in all their Office documents within Embrace Social. In addition, they are always aware of their appointments and e-mails.
Microsoft 365 en Embrace applicaties

Make Embrace a "one-stop-shop"

With the Microsoft 365 integration you turn Embrace Social into a one-stop-shop. This way you can immediately start editing documents together. You can also find your calendar and e-mails on your personal start page with the help of the Outlook widget. Check if your colleague is available and start a Microsoft Teams conversation directly from Embrace.

Office Online and OneDrive

With the help of Sharepoint Online it is possible to connect websites and documents with Embrace groups. The Microsoft Graph API ensures that documents are created in SharePoint Online in real time. This way you can consult and edit it at any time. Everyone therefore works with the most recent version. The files from (your personal) OneDrive are also directly accessible.

Only log in once with single sign-on

Log in once for all your Office 365 and other OpenID applications via single sign-on (Azure OpenID Connect). Authentication is done via Azure AD authentication. Not only employees can log in, but Embrace also offers support for guest users. Additionally, all Embrace profiles are synchronized with the profiles in Azure AD.

Work together in groups

Thanks to the seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Groups, documents that are saved or edited within Embrace are directly stored in Microsoft 365. This means that everyone within the group always works with the most recent version. Microsoft 365 is also leading for user management. Groups can be approached within the various Office applications and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 en Embrace

Integrate with other applications

Complete your digital workplace portal by integrating Embrace not only with Microsoft 365, but also with various other applications. For example with Liquit. With Liquit you can open all your applications directly from Embrace. Here (LINK) we take a closer look at the Liquit integration. With Embrace add-ons, such as the Knowledge Connector, the Innovation Platform and Multi-Label, your organization has a fully-fledged digital work environment.

The implementation of the Microsoft 365 integration

Several Embrace Social customers now use the integration with Microsoft 365. In collaboration with your existing IT partners – or with our partners, such as RAM Infotechnology and Pink Elephant – we can also quickly implement the integration with Microsoft 365 within your social intranet.

Microsoft 365 en Embrace devices

The technology behind Microsoft 365 and Embrace

Would you like to know more about the technology behind the Microsoft 365 integration?

Microsoft 365 Brochure

Would you like to know how to take the next step towards a clear digital workplace portal with the help of the Microsoft 365 integration in Embrace? Download the brochure now.
Microsoft 365 en Embrace brochure
Many people experience Microsoft 365 as a jungle of applications that all work differently. In Embrace you continue to work within the same intuitive environment, without having to open different windows. With our Microsoft 365 integration, we make Microsoft's cloud-based apps even more accessible.

Download the Microsoft 365 brochure