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What are its capabilities?

Embrace Portals offers customers the possibility of organising matters themselves via the website, and gives them an insight into data, transactions and previous contact. You can find the main functions below.

Self-service scenarios

Organise yourself

In Portals, customers can organise themselves. The self-service scenario designer makes it possible to design different scenarios easily for each customer, such as submitting repair requests or terminating rent.



Always up to date

Once a customer has submitted an enquiry or request, its status can be continuously monitored using track-and-trace. This information is presented on a clear timeline.


Automatic call forwarding

The portal includes a chat function. Initially, any questions asked by the customer are answered by the integrated knowledge bank. However, if this “standard” response does not answer the question adequately, it will automatically get transferred over to an employee.

Tailored to the customer

Customer recognition (personalisation)

Customer recognition within the portal allows them to access certain information more quickly. The entire environment is tailored to the customer at that moment.

Personalised answers

All of the information displayed in the customer portal is tailored to that particular customer. This affects, among other elements, the answers to frequently asked questions or how to submit a request.

My environment

Every customer has their own “My environment”. This provides an insight into personal information and contractual and financial data. In other words, this is the customer’s personal home page.

Clear design

Full website integration of the portal

The customer portal is fully integrated in the organisation’s website. As a result, users cannot notice the difference between website and portal.  


The customer portal can be set up as desired with the help of widgets. You can design the different pages in a simple plug-and-play way. For example, FAQs could go at the top with related links in the sidebar.

Knowledge is key

Knowledge bank

In Portals, you work with the knowledge bank. This is a database containing answers to frequently asked questions. The standard database is already very extensive, but can be adapted or expanded on an organisation-specific basis.

Extended synonym list

The knowledge base includes an extensive thesaurus. For example, if a customer asks a question with “pane” instead of “window”, the relevant answers will still be shown.

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