Customers & Housing User Day


Fort near Vechten, Bunnik

It is time for the Customers & Housing User Day again and this time physically, on location. Do you work in IT, communication, customer service or functional management? Then this day of knowledge sharing is one not to miss.

Of course, we also think about the inner person and there is a fully catered lunch buffet, including vegetarian options.

The day looks like this:

10:30 — Opening day and a short update
11:15 — Break
11:30 — Session Round 1
12:15 — Lunch
13:15 — Session Round 2
14:00 — Break
14:15 — Session Round 3
15:00 — Drinks

On the program

We organize various knowledge sessions, so there is something for everyone!

Embracing the Embrace cloud, safe and secure (session round 1A)

Take a look under the hood of the Embrace Cloud. Hans takes you on the basis of the new architecture picture and fed with the ins & outs, Inge takes over for him. In a world where cyber incidents follow each other at a rapid pace, Inge delves deeper into the questions you have about privacy/security.

Come to the future of Housing (session round 1B)

Joop and Josca take you to the future of Housing. A new name, a new look and feel. But above all: a brand new website for home seekers. A website for everyone. And it is constantly being provided with updates and cool new features. Today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

Real estate data: Embrace 💚 Luxs (session round 1C)

Finally, real estate data is easily available to KCC employees and tenants! Thanks to our new partnership with Luxs Vastgoeddata, an expert in the field of real estate software, housing associations know better what they literally and figuratively have to offer. Useful if, for example, there is still a warranty on a kitchen when reporting a defect.

Customers Reports 2.0 (session round 2A)

More insight with less data! In the past period, we have been overhauling the Customers Reports. Together with a number of customers, we have transformed the existing reports to create more insight and overview. Joan and Donna take you through the updated Customers Reports.

Build a Service Portal with Embrace Designer (session round 2B)

For example, thanks to a completely rebuilt front-end, based on a design system, you can configure your customer portal all by yourself. Hans and Rosalie show you what opportunities this offers to design your online services in such a way that (self) service comes first.

Embrace Social sneak peek (session round 3A)

As a first step in the rollout to Embrace Social, we at Embrace have been using this ourselves since last February. In this session, Edwin and Dolon will take you through a sneak peek of our new Embrace Social. They tell us what we have so far, what's next and what place Embrace Social will occupy in the Embrace Suite, where all Embrace systems will come together.

Conversational interface (session round 3B)

Youri and Remco show you how we make all kinds of interactions between people and systems more natural and easier with a dialogue-driven interface and how we use this for more successful interactions with tenants and employees, for example via a chatbot.

During session rounds 2 and 3, you can also opt for an interactive and fun activity: the Embrace 30 Seconds game, the woco edition! The winning teams will receive a nice prize. Rest assured: there is also plenty of opportunity to play during the drinks.

Exclusively for Embrace users

To attend this User Day, you must be an Embrace Customers and/or Housing user and a member of our User Group.

Sign up no later than Monday, May 23 use the button below or send a message to your account manager.

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