May 19, 2022: Knowledge Connector Demo



During this demo session, you will get to know our Knowledge Connector. This module helps colleagues work together more effectively.

With an Embrace social intranet, professionals are better informed and can work together more effectively, for example by finding and communicating with each other online in a simple and accessible way. The Embrace Knowledge Connector supports this.

This is the Knowledge Connector

With the Knowledge Connector, you can make a thorough inventory of knowledge within the organization. Combining all the knowledge and expertise available within an organization provides, among other things, more creative opportunities.

This way, you know exactly what knowledge and competencies are in-house, so that you can then use them in issues and projects. This ensures that fewer external resources are required and there is more mutual involvement within the organization.

In addition, the Knowledge Connector is the tool to:

✔ Supporting knowledge growth;
✔ To gain insight into the progress of knowledge;
✔ Monitoring the organization's strategic agility;
✔ To provide input for development discussions.

Exclusively for Embrace users

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