Workspace Analytics Pro Inspiration Session



During this inspiration session, we will delve deeper into what Analytics Pro is, what it can do and why it is of added value to your organization.

This session is for organizations that do not use this module yet.

What is Analytics Pro?

The environment management of the Embrace intranet includes “Social Analytics” by default. This gives environmental managers insight into a basic set of reports on the use and activities of the intranet.

This information is extracted from the Social database. This includes activities in groups and on the timeline. However, the Social Analytics dashboard does not provide insight into all intranet activities. That's why Analytics Pro was developed.

With Analytics Pro, we collect comprehensive information with Matomo about the use of the intranet and you get insight into the activity of Umbraco content, searches, files, profiles, widgets, and more. We have collected this information in standard reports that we make available with the Analytics Pro module.

Exclusively for Embrace users

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