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A personal dashboard for your entire working day

After logging in once, direct access to colleagues, groups, documents and all your applications.

Single sign-on: you only have to log in once to securely access all applications

Enterprise Search

A search function that also searches all linked applications

Personal dashboard

A home page you can design yourself. Direct access to all your applications

The starting point of your working day

Make Embrace Social a home page that only requires you to log in once (SSO). A personal dashboard that offers access to organizational news, to documentation, to contact with (direct) colleagues and to all your applications: meet the 'portal digital workplace'.

Digital workplace portal

Intranet> social intranet> digital workplace

The intranet has evolved from a static, top-down organized platform to a more social intranet. Within the social intranet there is a major role for end users. Within groups and via the “newsfeed” they can ask questions, collaborate and share documents. The next logical step is the step to a digital workplace portal. We are happy to explain why.

The sum of promises

The Embrace digital workplace portal is the sum of a number of promises. Together these promises form the portal to the digital workplace. The place where you share organizational news and information, where interaction and collaboration are stimulated and where you have access to all applications.

Committed employees as the key to success

By changing the intranet to a digital workplace portal, you increase the involvement of the employees on the platform. A lively platform is the way to make the social intranet a success. With such an active platform you ensure that your organizational news is actually read and you stimulate online collaboration at the same time.


Digital workplace portal as a strategic choice

In order to actually make the digital workplace portal the starting place for your employees, the portal must be given a central position within the organization. After all, it is the digital core of the organization, which involves HR and IT in addition to the communication department. It is also important that it is clear to all employees that they can find all digital necessities for their work in this portal. The transformation from a social intranet to a digital workplace portal is therefore a company-wide and strategic choice.

The functionalities of Social

The functionalities below this block turn your (existing) social intranet into a digital workplace portal. Curious about all the functionalities of the social intranet? You can find them here.

SSO and all applications

What additional technical options does the digital workplace portal offer?

The big advantage of single sign-on is that you only have to log in to Embrace Social once. You then have access to the social intranet and to all the applications you need to perform your work. It does not matter whether these applications are in the “cloud”, on the work network or on your computer. With Liquit you start these applications with one click from your personal homepage.

Enterprise Search

The information you need during the working day is increasingly scattered. It can be located within the intranet, in documents or somewhere in one of the applications. Searching, but especially finding, is quite a challenge. With Enterprise Search you search everything from one place, from your personal dashboard. Information from applications such as TOPdesk, MY-LEX (government), iProva and Vilans (healthcare) is also shown here.

Personal dashboard

With the development of a social intranet to a digital workplace portal, Embrace Social serves as a personal dashboard. This makes it the starting point of the day for employees. Via this dashboard they have quick access to the applications they need for their work. Consider, for example, Microsoft 365 applications (documents, e-mail and calendar) and TOPdesk. The way in which this personal start page is presented can be set up by the employee according to their own preferences.

Microsoft 365

Embrace with the Microsoft 365 integration helps organizations that want to set up a modern digital work environment. By offering one user-friendly social workplace portal, we reduce complexity and increase employee acceptance. Employees can immediately start editing and collaborating in all their Office documents within Embrace Social. In addition, they are always aware of their appointments and e-mails. Read more about the possibilities with Microsoft 365 and Embrace below.

The technology behind Microsoft 365 and Embrace

Curious about the technology behind our Microsoft 365 integration?

Microsoft 365 Brochure

Would you like to know how to take the next step towards a clear digital workplace portal with the help of the Microsoft 365 integration in Embrace? Download the brochure now.
Many people experience Microsoft 365 as a jungle of applications that all work differently. In Embrace you continue to work within the same intuitive environment, without having to open different windows. With our Microsoft 365 integration, we make Microsoft's cloud-based apps even more accessible.

Download the Microsoft 365 brochure

Do you want to know more?

Our account managers are happy to tell you more about the options and the implementation process.

Edwin Cnossen
Senior Account Manager

Esmée Burger
Senior advisor communication

Arjen van der Veen, Accountmanager Embrace Social
Arjen van der Veen

A digital workplace (also known as a digital workspace) is an online platform which is basically a digital version of your office. It has all the functionalities you need to carry out your work, such as your files. Besides, you can get in touch with your colleagues easily, which stimulates collaboration and the exchange of both ideas and knowledge. Everything you need to do your job as best you can comes together here. And the best thing is: you have access anywhere, anytime, as you work in the cloud.

Thanks to a digital workplace (also known as a digital workspace) it is easier to collaborate, exchange knowledge and ideas and find important information. This will not only save you time, but frustration as well. As a result you’ll be more efficient in your work, which improves your productivity. Additionally, it provides you more flexibility, as you can work any place, any time. Therefore, a digital workplace facilitates both your self-reliance as well as solidarity and connectedness with your colleagues. Not only does this benefit your organization, it benefits you, too.