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Ask the experts

Embrace Social makes it easy for employees to ask questions, exchange ideas and collaborate with colleagues. The social intranet is based on the digital workspace of tomorrow. Collect ideas and perspectives from the experts and create your own knowledge base.

The Human Workspace

Embrace Social is the beating heart of the organisation. Know what is going on, share information and collaborate on a project.

Best knowledge base

Together, the people within your organisation form a gigantic knowledge base. Acquired knowledge is stored and easy to find.

Fast onboarding

New employees can quickly find their way. They can easily introduce themselves, find documentation and get to know colleagues.

Workspace-Embrace The Human Cloud

The human digital work environment

A personal start to your day
Embrace Social is the place where your day begins. The social intranet keeps you up-to-date with the organisation’s latest news and allows you to collaborate in groups and ask questions to the experts: your colleagues.
Your work under control
Whether you are on the road or at your desk, you always have access to your digital workspace. You can deal with tasks in a structured way, get direct insights into appointments and emails with the Microsoft 365 link and consult colleagues.
Integral collaboration
Create a group for your multidisciplinary team, with people from within and outside your organisation. Manage all information, communication and documentation in one place.

It’s not only what you know, it’s who you know

Knowledge connector
The knowledge connector shows you exactly what knowledge is available within the organisation and who the experts are. Fill in your knowledge, skills and experience and help your colleagues with your expertise.
Match questions to answers
Do you have a question, but don’t know who in the organisation has the answer? Post the question on your personal timeline or in a group and receive the right answer from the right person.
Experts outside the organisation
Do you collaborate in project groups with external professionals? Give them a protected user account within Social and gain knowledge from experts outside of the organisation.
Workspace-Embrace The Human Cloud

Get to know the organisation

Who’s who in the organisation
With Social, you get to know the organisation instantly. The organisation chart helps you quickly see how the structure of the company is organised.
Calendar and news items
Upon opening Workspace, all planned events for the upcoming period are immediately visible. Both the calendar and news items offer the possibility to communicate from within the organisation which activities can be participated in.
Knowledge and control
All of the information about the organisation and its processes is available. You can easily find information regarding activities, processes, terms of employment and other general data, such as contact details, locations and departments.

Security and accessibility

Digital accessibility
Naturally, our social intranet is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be accessible to everyone.
In the office or on the road
All information within Embrace Social is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Employees can therefore collaborate on and request information from the social intranet wherever and whenever they want.
Log in just once
Thanks to single sign-in, employees only have to log in once to use the intranet and all associated applications. It’s that easy.
Workspace-Embrace The Human Cloud

Would you like to experience the power of Embrace Social yourself?

Discover how Embrace helps your organisation work smarter together.

An intranet is a digital gathering and/or meeting place for your organization. The social part is the interaction: instead of top-down communication only, any colleague can post messages and actively take part in the intranet.

A social intranet creates a place where you can encourage employee engagement, improve the understanding of your organization’s strategy, facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, and distribute work instructions. Therefore, a social intranet increases solidarity and connectedness between both your coworkers and your organization. It also contributes to (more) transparant internal communication.

A good intranet addresses the wishes and needs of your organization and your coworkers. Therefore, it is important to map these out and align the goal of your social intranet with them. Then, you set KPI’s (key performance indicators) for this goal in order to measure and by that get a firm grasp on to which extent your intranet meets this goal. Furthermore, it is useful to ask your colleagues for feedback, so you know how they experience it. The results will tell you if your intranet does what you want it to do, and thus if it is a good intranet or not.