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Together we can do even more

With our social Intranet – Embrace Workspace – we allow (international) organisations to collaborate more intelligently. We also like to work smartly together. Not only with each other, but also with our partners. Together we ensure the best experience for the end user.

Digital workplace

Together with our service providers, we are the face of the digital transformation. Take the step towards a digital workplace with us.


The application landscape is very diverse. We integrate applications in a way they connect seamlessly to the intranet.

Knowledge partners

We have the necessary knowledge, but sure we don't know everything. Exchanging knowledge is key.

Embrace: Digital Workplace

Our service partners use Embrace Workspace as the face of the modern digital workplace. The social intranet serves as the basis for finding colleagues, knowledge and information.

In addition, Workspace offers central access to Microsoft 365, on-premise and legacy (Liquit) and other cloud work applications. The Embrace digital workplace portal is therefore the starting point for your working day.

Some of our workplace partners

Integrate and create

Together with our integration partners, we provide structure in the digital landscape. We set the bar higher than just logging in with single sign-on (SSO). We make information accessible and create one clear workplace portal.

These integrations include integrated links with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, TOPdesk, Liquit, MY-LEX, iProva and Vilans, among others.

Knowledge = Power

Knowledge partners

On the road to the digital transformation of the workplace, we work together with leading knowledge partners.

Accesibility Foundation

By working together with Stichting Accesibility, we ensure that our products are digitally accessible to everyone (according to the WCAG 2.1 guidelines).


Ethical hacker club Zerocopter is constantly on the lookout for possible imperfections in our software.

Not bound by borders

We are not bound by borders. Together with our partners, we also help organizations in countries including Belgium, Germany and England. A selection of the international organisations that use Embrace:

A professional partner

With Embrace you will find a professional and experienced organization. Both partners and the end user benefit from our knowledge when it comes to creating the digital workplace.

Microsoft Partner

We are a recognized Microsoft Partner. You can assume that our knowledge of Microsoft is always up-to-date.

Think leaders in the industry

Embrace is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of social intranet and digital workplaces for healthcare, government, housing and the business market.

Not yet a partner?

But are you curious about the possibilities to become an Embrace workplace, knowledge or integration partner? Feel free to contact our partner manager.