April 9, 2024: De Walvis - National Congress Online Connection

8:45 a.m. — 4:25 p.m.

Postillion Hotel & Convention Center, Bunnik

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In recent years, numerous online tools for internal communication have been made available to employees. These include social intranet, digital workplaces, and Microsoft 365 apps such as Teams. However, when implementing these tools, technology is often the focus instead of people. This conference focuses on an alternative approach, focusing on putting employees first. The goal is to get them back on the same page, so that they enjoy doing their work and feel a strong connection with the organization.

On behalf of Embrace, Esmée Burger-Coors from legal assistance insurer ARAG talks about how the social intranet is used to increase connection and engagement within the organization.

“Colleagues feel connected to each other,” emphasizes Esmée, “but they also know what other departments stand for and are doing. When colleagues know an organization's strategy and know where the company wants to go, you contribute to more loyalty and engagement.”

In this presentation, Esmée will explain how to involve colleagues in an organization's strategy in a structured, inspiring, yet light-hearted way. She will support this approach with relevant data from analytics and thorough research.

About De Walvis — National Congress Online Connection

The National Congress Online Connection is organized by De Walvis Communications Agency. Since 2013, this agency has already organized 30 meetings about the intranet and the digital workplace.

An example is The National Intranet Symposium, which attracted around 120 participants. De Walvis is independent and not affiliated with any software vendor.

The National Online Connection Congress is ideal for professionals involved in the intranet, the digital workplace or other forms of online connection. This includes, for example, communication advisors, HR managers and IT professionals.

Six reasons to attend

✅ Practical and up to date
✅ Honest stories
✅ Lots of choices
✅ Latest trends
✅ Compact program
✅ No reselling of personal data

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The symposium is organized by communication agency De Walvis. This agency organises events about the intranet and the digital workplace and is completely independent..