March 8, 2022: Hospital inspiration session



By popular demand, we are organizing another hospital inspiration session.

During this inspiration session, we bring our healthcare customers into contact with each other to exchange experiences, share best practices, discuss issues and what else comes to the table. It's actually a special day for our healthcare customers.

Inspiration session content

We would like to take you into what we see happening in healthcare and, in particular, the developments that many hospitals are in; the digital transformation with issues such as:

  • how do I use Microsoft 365 for my organization?
  • hosting from on-premise to the cloud, how does that work?

Of course, there is also plenty of room for questions and ideas, because the participants ultimately determine the agenda.

Exclusively for Embrace users

To attend this inspiration session, you must be an Embrace user, active in healthcare and a member of our User Group. Register by Monday, March 7, via the button below or via the calendar in the User Group.

Are you already an Embrace user but not a member of our User Group yet? Please send an email to to become a member.

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