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Hybrid working has become the norm due to corona. We communicate and collaborate mostly online. This brings new opportunities and challenges. At this online conference on April 5, you will receive tips & tricks and get to know inspiring practical examples.

On behalf of Embrace, the municipality of De Fryske Marren and healthcare organization Amarant talk about their social intranet. We also have a digital stand, where you can pick up a free white paper!

Five steps to a new social intranet

At 14:35, communication advisor Evelyn Bot will talk about the steps that the municipality of De Fryske Marren has taken to a social intranet.

From the research phase to launch and adoption: the presentation does not focus on technology, but on how employees are involved in the process. “The intranet was developed based on user demand. Not from Communications or Management. We have carefully investigated what the new platform should comply with. We are now reaping the benefits of that. It has become a collaborative platform where colleagues can find each other, work together in documents, et cetera. It saves time and works more efficiently.”

The platform of the municipality of de Fryske Marren went live in March 2021 — in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. According to Evelyn, that was an advantage rather than a disadvantage. “Working from home has helped make our intranet a place for connection. Employees were able to find each other so easily and they posted a lot of messages about things you normally tell each other at the coffee machine. Field service colleagues have also posted photos of the work they do in, for example, landscaping.”

In addition, the intranet was used to provide updates about corona. “The advantage over mailing is that people can respond to messages immediately. In any case, that's a plus point of the intranet: there's a lot less email now.”

Social intranet provides connection

At 15:20, communication advisor Nathalie de Weert will talk about the central role that healthcare organization Amarant's social intranet plays in connecting more than five thousand colleagues.

Amarant's intranet has only been up and running since last summer. Nevertheless, according to Nathalie, the Brabant healthcare provider's platform has already yielded a lot. “We are an organization with more than five thousand employees and four hundred locations. That's why you can't just visit each other. Sam, as our platform is called, provides connection. Employees can learn from each other's expertise. And they get a broader picture of the organization. As a result, they see what is possible if they want to grow within Amarant.”

There is a lot of interaction on the platform, says Nathalie. “Counselors and others often post messages and they respond to them across all locations. This includes events and success stories, for example. Or someone says they are looking for an electric bike for a client.”

Sam is the most important source of information for everything related to corona. “We at Communication always say: don't look at the notes on the door of a location, but go to Sam. This is where you can find the most up to date information. On the corona page, for example, you will find the protocols that state in which cases you should get tested or how to order face masks.”

According to Nathalie, Sam is now indispensable. “Otherwise, how can you reach so many people at once?”

“We have carefully investigated what the new platform should comply with. We are now reaping the benefits of that.”

Evelyn Bot, communication advisor for the municipality of De Fryske Marren

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Data is increasingly important when it comes to managing your organization. After all, the right information tells you what works, where there are still opportunities and which buttons you can turn to make a change happen.

With the right tooling, you can also get a grip on the use of the (social) intranet within your organization. For example, you will discover which information on your intranet is frequently or rarely consulted. Identify what is happening on your intranet environment, what you can make adjustments and how best to do it.

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About De Walvis — National Congress Online Connection

The National Congress Online Connection is organized by De Walvis Communications Agency. Since 2013, this agency has already organized 30 meetings about the intranet and the digital workplace.

Since 2020, all events have been online. An example is The National Intranet Symposium, which attracted around 120 participants. De Walvis is independent and not affiliated with any software vendor.

The National Online Connection Congress is ideal for professionals involved in the intranet, the digital workplace or other forms of online connection. This includes, for example, communication advisors, HR managers and IT professionals.

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