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How do you use digital tools to support employees during their employee journey? Think of a social intranet, digital workspace or online tools for onboarding, for example. This is not about the technology itself. It's about connecting the technological possibilities to the employees. We therefore need to pay more attention to the soft side and HR. How do we ensure that people are happy in their work and want to stay with the organization? That's what this online conference, May 23, 2023, is all about.

On behalf of Embrace, the National Government for Entrepreneurial Netherlands (RVO) talks about their social intranet. Want to experience Embrace's social intranet for yourself? Then stop by our stand for a free demo.

Social intranet builds bridges between RVO offices

At 13:35, functional manager Karel Urbach talks about how the RVO successfully collaborates across locations thanks to their social intranet.

The RVO social intranet provides connection. That's what Karel Urbach, functional manager of four community platforms, says. “Our organization has more than six thousand employees spread over five branches throughout the Netherlands. We have a lot of discussions with each other. For example, if we need to set up a new regulation process, we also use the intranet for that. We used to email or we saw each other in person. There were people who drove from Assen to The Hague almost every day. They now do that at most once a week.”

On the social intranet, there are various theme groups for sharing knowledge. Karel gives two examples: a group about the quality program and a group about innovation. “People are having discussions and helping each other. Take the group about innovation. This is what the employees in Utrecht and The Hague are mainly working on. I work in Assen and can now contribute ideas. For example, bridges are being built thanks to the intranet.”

Not only is Karel positive about the social opportunities, he is also very satisfied with the technical possibilities. “In the old intranet, the homepage was the same for everyone. Now employees can edit the front page. This way, they can add widgets themselves. These are small programs with a specific function, such as the weather forecast or a calendar. The search function is also much more extensive and the platform is reliable and super stable.”

“I work in Assen and can now think along with employees in Utrecht and The Hague about innovation. For example, bridges are being built thanks to the intranet.”

Karel Urbach, RVO functional manager

About the Speaker

Karel Urbach is the functional manager of four community platforms at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). This is an implementing organization of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture. The RVO helps entrepreneurs with international business, patents and applying for subsidies, among other things.

About De Walvis — National Congress Online Connection

The National Congress Online Connection is organized by De Walvis Communications Agency. Since 2013, this agency has already organized 30 meetings about the intranet and the digital workplace.

Since 2020, all events have been online. An example is The National Intranet Symposium, which attracted around 120 participants. De Walvis is independent and not affiliated with any software vendor.

The National Online Connection Congress is ideal for professionals involved in the intranet, the digital workplace or other forms of online connection. This includes, for example, communication advisors, HR managers and IT professionals.

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