April 21, 2022: Analytics Pro Training



This training is specifically for new users of our Workspace Analytics Pro.

As part of this module, new users are invited to a free training how to best use the module. You'll get an explanation of all the options and tips and tricks you can get started with.

It is an interactive training where you, as a customer, can ask all your questions about the use of this module.

Exclusively for Embrace users

To attend this training, you must be an Embrace user, use Workspace Analytics Pro, and be a member of our User Group. Sign up via the button below or via the calendar in the User Group.

Are you already an Embrace user but not a member of our User Group yet? Please send an email to workspace@embracecloud.nl to become a member.

Not an Embrace user yet but curious about what else we can do for you? Then contact us whether request a demo.