The National Intranet Symposium by De Walvis


Postillion Hotel & Convention Center, Bunnik

On November 2, 2023, the intranet symposium will be live on location in Bunnik. An informal and practical event about the latest developments in the field of intranet and the digital workplace. With presentations and workshops about, among other things, the intranet of two healthcare institutions, personas, the influence of Artificial Intelligence on internal communication, and the Randstad intranet. The program will be complete in mid-August.

Embrace is also participating again in the presentations and interactive sessions about the latest developments in the field of intranet, the digital workplace and hybrid working. For example, Frans Hoevers from the Ministry of Health and Welfare talks about how their Embrace social intranet promotes connection within the organization and Hans Volbeda from the municipality of Montferland about how their social intranet has become a central role in hybrid working.

Social platform of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport ensures connection

In this session, Frans Hoevers, community manager at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, talks about the vws #Net collaboration platform. The platform is a tool for connection, says Frans. Connection not only between officials, but also with experts from outside the department.

Frans: “VWS wants to bring the outside world in. This way, among other things, we can work together and openly on policy. That is why external parties can join theme groups and contribute their expertise there. All with the aim of taking the BV Netherlands further.”

How the social intranet has been given a central role in the municipality of Montferland's hybrid working

At the beginning of this year, the officials of the municipality of Montferland received a laptop. This computer is secure and supports employees in hybrid working. Hans Volbeda, senior automation and functional application management: “Everyone now has the same digital workspace that you can start from the intranet. From the intranet, there are links to various applications, including Microsoft 365, such as Outlook and Teams.”

According to Hans, it's all simple and organized. “When you log into the intranet, you'll see a widget (a small program) with Outlook mail and the Outlook calendar in the top right corner. Below you will see applications for social matters, for example. In addition, there is the face book. When you hover the mouse over the photo, you see that person's agenda. This is very useful for receptionists, for example.”

The other employees are also satisfied with the new digital workplace, says Hans. “The intranet has become the place to go to do your work.”

Read also”For example, Embrace's Liquit integration makes work easier“, where Hans talks about this choice and approach.


The symposium is organized by communication agency De Walvis. This agency organises events about the intranet and the digital workplace and is completely independent..