March 19, 2024: Corporation Guide LIVE Knowledge Day

9:15 a.m. — 3 p.m.

Expo, Houten

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The Corporate Guide LIVE Knowledge Day 2024 is one day where suppliers and advisors with a focus on the corporate sector provide educational and interesting knowledge sessions.

This is the perfect time for corporate employees who want to gain knowledge in an efficient way. Handy, attend several knowledge sessions in a row in one day, especially when you are orienting yourself to advisory services or solutions for your housing association. And in between, of course, enjoy networking with colleagues from other corporations, advisors and suppliers.

Embrace Knowledge Session

Embrace will give the knowledge session at 11:00 “How Embrace supports your tenants in sustainable and affordable living”.

We give you insight into how technology can contribute to creating a more sustainable and affordable housing market.

During this session, we will discuss innovative software applications that housing associations can use to provide tenants with insight and help improve energy efficiency, cost control and sustainability in their households.

How Embrace supports your tenants in sustainable and affordable living

About the Corporate Guide LIVE Knowledge Day

The knowledge sessions last 45 minutes and are grouped by focus area and temporarily scheduled. It's so nice to get an idea of the different visions, products and services.

The benefits at a glance:

  • the opportunity to visit multiple knowledge sessions with suppliers and advisors LIVE in one day;
  • gain knowledge quickly and in an organized manner that would otherwise require multiple appointments;
  • networks;
  • coffee, tea, lunch included;
  • FREE!

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Although admission is free, you must register in advance. You can do this on the CorporatieGids website via the button below.

Corporate Guide LIVE Knowledge Day Regulations:
— Registration is only possible for employees (employed) of housing associations.
— CorporatieGids only accepts applications with a valid email address from housing associations.
— After checking your registration, you will receive confirmation from CorporatieGids as soon as possible.