Basic Embrace course



Sometimes, with customers, we see that Embrace is being used in a way that doesn't get everything out of it. This is often due to changes within organizations, not a good transfer and “my predecessor always did it like that and I didn't know these were the possibilities”. So taking elephant trails. This is unfortunate, because it causes quite a lot of information and knowledge to be lost.

That is why we offer this basic course especially for these organizations. This is a training that shares all the basic knowledge, especially for those organizations that feel they have just not quite got the hang of it. For example, if you're not sure how to replace a header, how to use widgets, what widgets are available, and more.

Does this date not suit you? Or would you like to follow this training with a group of colleagues? Dan is our in-company training at the heart of Embrace Workspace maybe something for you!

Exclusively for Embrace users

To take this basic course, you must be an Embrace user and a member of our User Group. Sign up via the button below or via the calendar in the User Group.

Are you already an Embrace user but not a member of our User Group yet? Please send an email to to become a member.

Not an Embrace user yet but curious about what else we can do for you? Then contact us whether request a demo.

About the trainer

Sidney Poulissen

Sidney has been a consultant at Embrace since November 2019. Before that, he was the application and functional manager of Embrace at the municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk for three and a half years.

During the training, Sidney takes you into the ins and outs of Embrace Workspace.