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Organise yourself with the portal

Embrace Portals allows tenants to arrange their own affairs via a well-organised online portal. Relevant information, conversational AI and track-and-trace ensure that your tenants require less of your time. So you can dedicate more to the tenants who need it most.

Make a difference

Tenants arrange their own affairs in the self-service portal so you can spend time on complicated matters.

Every day better

We are continually updating our software, making your digital services a little bit better every day.


We are continually analysing usage data, which keeps our software ahead of your customer’s wishes.

Portals Embrace The Human Cloud

Designed for happy customers

Self-service and knowledge

Embrace Portals seamlessly connects self-service with knowledge. Tenants manage their affairs themselves with the self-service scenarios and find answers to most question in the knowledge bank.


Tenants can submit a request via the online customer portal, after which track-and-trace keeps them informed about every step in the process. Notifications also ensure that the client remains actively informed throughout.

Customer recognition

Whenever the customer logs into the portal, all fields fill automatically with that customer’s data. As a result, the tenant never has to enter the same data twice, saving on time.

Analysis and feedback

We conduct user research to help you improve your digital services. By analysing how your customers navigate the online portal, we can improve your services day by day.

It’s still human work

Cyborg service

Customers can use the self-service scenarios to sort a lot of matters out themselves. But when they can’t, self-service transitions transparently to AI-assisted chat.

Seamless integration

The self-service scenarios allow you to effortlessly integrate customer questions into processes in the front office (Embrace customers) and the back office (Embrace workspace). As a result, the questions immediately end up in the right place.

Embrace Portals chat

Scalable, topical and flexible

Widget store

In the widget store, you will find a wide range of widgets (tools or extensions) that allow you to compose and design the tenant portal just as you like it.

Developer friendly

Embrace Portals is very developer friendly (hi, developers!). Its pluggable architecture makes it easy for developers from all kinds of teams to build and add new widgets.

Software development kit

We offer a 100% documented API with which you can easily build a customer portal that connects to our standard framework.

Speaks for itself

Digital accessibility

Naturally, our customer portal is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be accessible to everyone.


All information within Embrace is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Tenants can therefore access the online portal wherever and whenever they want.

Online safety

We support iDIN and DigiD authentication, among others. This makes the experience even more convenient for customers while guaranteeing their safety online.

Would you like to experience the power of Embrace Portals yourself?

Discover how Embrace helps your organisation work (together) smarter.

A client portal (a.k.a. customer portal) is a part of your website which your clients need to log on to before they can use it. Others cannot just access it. Therefore, it is a safe way for your clients to get in touch with your organization, access personal information or manage certain things themselves, such as changing their address or tracking an order.

Thanks to a client portal (a.k.a. customer portal) your (online) customer service will not only be more customer-friendly, but also more efficient. Your clients can take care of things themselves, easily and quickly, which means there is less pressure on your customer contact center. These employees will, in turn, have more time for customer requests that are more complex. By cleverly combining relevant information, conversational AI such as chatbots and virtual assistents, selfservice and of course your customer contact center your customers can always reach you. In short, a client portal ensures both a better customer journey and a better customer experience.