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Power to the tenant!

Embrace automates the most important processes, from repairs to terminating a lease. As a result, you have the time to pay attention to the tenants who need it.

Personal control

The tenant is in charge. Tenants can largely arrange their own affairs themselves, wherever and whenever they want, from self-service right up to signing a contract.

Personal assistant

If the tenant cannot resolve an issue in the customer portal, Embrace transitions seamlessly to personal support, via telephone, chat or Whatsapp.

For housing associations

Embrace is familiar with and accesses all known (ERP) systems, bringing all of the data together in one powerful online and offline service.

Embrace Woningcorporaties

Personal management where possible


Provides seamless integration between knowledge and self-service, from personalised answers to questions, to signing digital signatures.

Case-oriented working

A case is opened when a tenant makes an application or submits a request. Both the tenant and employee can then follow all communication relating to the request. Track-and-trace keeps the tenant up-to-date with the case’s development.

Knowledge bank

The knowledge bank can be accessed both via the customer portal and people in the customer contact centre. In fact, it runs continuously in the background. Relevant, organisation-specific information is immediately available when the customer or employee enters a specific search term.

Personal help when necessary


The channel through which a customer question or request is received is irrelevant, as all associated information is collected in one place. In this way, a customer contact centre employer can provide the tenant with the best possible service.

Monitoring and intervention

If a customer is unable to resolve the matter in the customer portal, Embrace allows a customer contact employee to take a look and, if necessary, take the issue over from the customer.

For housing associations, from Embrace

For housing associations, from Embrace

100% integration

Embrace can easily retrieve data from the systems your organisation uses. Whether it be ERP systems, planning software or niche packages, we can integrate them effortlessly.

Self-service design

Create your own self-service scenarios. With Embrace, you get access to many standard self-service scenarios. However, if one is missing, you can design it and apply it yourself.


Statistics from the customer portal and the customer tracking system are recorded accurately, allowing you to check easily where matters are progressing well and where adjustments are necessary.

Secure and accessible

Digital accessibility

Naturally, our software is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be digitally accessible to everyone.


All of the different Embrace solutions are accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Tenants and employees can therefore access the system wherever and whenever they want.

Online safety

We support iDIN and DigiD authentication, among others. This makes the experience even more convenient for customers while guaranteeing their safety online.

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