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Digital government,
digital workspace

Embrace is the digital workspace for professionals within the government. It offers the opportunity to collaborate online, share knowledge and manage documents in an ordered manner.

Across borders

Collaborate with professionals within and outside the government, both within and outside your department or organisation.

Collaboration 365

Collaborate in groups and easily manage and edit documents, independently or with colleagues.


Connect the right people with the right knowledge within the organisation. Match questions to answers.

Embrace Overheid

Integral collaboration across borders

Project groups

Create a group for your multidisciplinary team, with people both inside and outside the organisation. Manage all information, communication and documentation from one place.

Case-oriented working

Create a group for your multidisciplinary team, with people both inside and outside the organisation. Manage all information, communication and documentation from one place.

Knowledge bank

The knowledge bank contains everything you need to know about the organisation, its processes and projects. All employees can quickly read the documentation that is relevant to them.

Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Integrate your teams

The integration of Microsoft Teams with Embrace ensures that you can start a conversation with your colleague directly through the social intranet.


Sharepoint allows you to share Microsoft 365 documents easily with your group. This way, everyone is always working with the latest version of the analysis.

Oplossingen - Overheid - Maak kennis met

Scalable, topical and flexible

Match questions to answers

Ask a question to a group or on the organisation’s timeline and receive the correct answer. You can then mark the most helpful answer as the “best answer”.

Knowledge connector

The knowledge connector allows you to find people within the organisation with specific knowledge or skills quickly. Assign skills to colleagues who merit them. Know where your knowledge lies and where the organisation needs to scale up or provide training.

Knowledge and control

All knowledge relating to the organisation and they way processes run can be found centrally.

Embrace Overheid

Secure and accessible

Digital accessibility

Naturally, our social intranet is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be accessible to everyone.

In the office or on the road

All information within Embrace Workspace is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Employees can therefore collaborate on and request information from the social intranet wherever and whenever they want.

Log in once

Thanks to single sign-in, employees only have to log in once to use the intranet and all associated applications. It’s that easy.

Oplossingen - Overheid - Maak kennis met

Would you like to experience the power of Embrace yourself?

Discover how Embrace helps your organisation work (together) smarter.

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