CorporatiePlein 2023


Expo, Houten

CorporatiePlein is really a household name in the corporate sector. Those who work in the fields of Operations, ICT, Finance, Housing, Real Estate, Maintenance or Communication should not miss this day. And that is also evident in view of the enthusiasm among corporate employees to attend this informative and fun day. So the need to be able to meet each other, network and gain knowledge and inspiration is alive and kicking!

In addition to an inspiring theater program As usual, visitors can also participate in small-scale knowledge sessions, demos and consultations at exhibitors' stands. You can find Embrace at stand 64.

Embrace: Power to the Tenant!

Housing associations strive for happy tenants. This is where the realization of good communication an important role in the way that is most appropriate for them. How can Embrace's software support your corporation in this? With which innovative opportunities can you get started and what does that bring you?

During CorporatiePlein on September 14, you can visit stand 64 Embrace all the questions about this. Epic Owner Rosalie Vrakking and Team Lead Sales Josca van Dam are already lifting the wool over the top.

What's at the heart of the Embrace stand?

At our stand, it's all about the concept 'Power to the Tenant'. This gives tenants the liberty to arrange their home affairs in their own way, via the desired communication channel and at the time that suits them. As a housing association, with Embrace, you have a powerful platform that helps you meet the diverse needs of your tenants, whether it's repair requests via an app or questions via a phone call.

The result? Happy tenants who are in control of their living experience. Such customer-oriented approach ensures that you can better optimize your services, respond more effectively to the needs of your tenants and thus work more efficiently.

At our stand, you will discover how Power to the Tenant, with the help of Embrace, can also become a reality for your housing association.

The software is clear, easy to manage and gives both employees and tenants confidence.

What information and knowledge sessions can you go for?

Are you curious about how you can make life easier for your tenants and employees with Embrace software? On our stand 64 you will experience this for yourself.

During our live demos, you will not only discover how Embrace ensures that you optimally accessible you are for your tenants, but also how our technology unburdens your employees and thus creates space for valuable and personal contact.

Thanks to our innovative software, you can lift your (online) service to a higher level, while it feels familiar. It's like coming home in a new way.

In what area can Embrace really help your corporation move forward?

It may seem like a challenge to offer your tenants various contact channels, because how do you ensure that you support all channels, provide consistent answers, maintain an overview and easily record contact moments? Fortunately, this is where you have to work with our software no worries to transfer: our Embrace Customers is the only complete solution in the sector. It is uncluttered, easily manageable and gives both employees and tenants trust. This ensures a smooth and reliable customer service experience.

Fortunately, not all tenant problems are equally complicated. For example, if Jasmin needs an extra key for the porch door, self-service is a great option. Because our self-service feels like service, so happy and satisfied tenants and less pressure on your KCC. This way, they have more time for more complex human work.

And how about building Livability records? With this new addition to business-oriented working, you also have an end-to-end solution for processes with a longer lead time or greater complexity. This way, even in the case of complicated cases, you have a clear (and possibly even legal) file, which everyone involved has insight into.

If you want more collaborating within your organization, if you want to keep an overview and create more solidarity, let yourself be guided by our Embrace Social.

You can also come and see the big steps we've made in our new Housing seeker portal for housing distribution.

Or are you curious about how residents in the Rijnmond region will have their find a new home? Then take a look at our Embrace Housing!

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