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What are its capabilities?

Are you wondering how the accommodation allocation system – Embrace Housing – helps properties get rented out faster? You can find an overview of its main functions below.

Advertisement quality

Control advertisement quality

Advertisements indicate the quality of the housing on offer. The higher the quality of the advertisement, the better home seekers can assess whether a home suits them and meets their requirements. This benefits a fast throughput – even when the market is tight – and is customer friendly as well.

Housing Advertentiekwaliteit
Housing verdeelmodellen voorspellen​

Predict allocation models

Choices based on own data

Use data to choose the most suitable distribution model. Housing uses machine learning to recognise the patterns that arise in the choices made regarding the distribution of rental properties. For example, choose “direct mediation” for a less popular home.

Prioritised to-do list

Clarity for the housing consultant

Housing consultants’ tasks are prioritised automatically, meaning they immediately know what their first step is. For example, if two properties require advertisements, the property with the higher rental price comes first.

Embrace Housing Wat kan het allemaal

A fast rental, fewer void periods

Automatic offers

Automatic offers means that homes are offered to the first home seeker on the list. If this home seeker refuses the property, it will automatically be offered to the next home seeker on the list. This means less manual work for the housing consultant.

All familiar allocation models

All known distribution models are available for the allocation of homes. A specific distribution model will be recommended based on the type of property, its “popularity” and past results (existing data). You therefore reach the right target group for every home.


After a list of interested home seekers has been compiled, housing consultants have various tools at their disposal for mediation, including but not limited to group viewings, multi-offers, interest polls and group offers.

Greater convenience for the housing consultant

Self-service for home seekers

Home seekers can largely serve themselves. They create an account, and housing offers will be visible on a personalised interface based on their preferences. The most suitable property will be at the top.

Complexes module

The complexes module makes it possible to advertise and receive responses per complex or at cluster level. This is very suitable for a new construction project, for example, and means it is no longer necessary to create separate advertisements for each property.

Smart correspondence

Correspondence between the housing association or umbrella organisation and the home seeker can be automated. Messages are generated efficiently. You can also add attachments to the message if you wish, and creating new merge fields is possible.

Mediation in accordance with the rules

Respond in a controlled manner

The Embrace Housing living space distribution system only allows those home seekers who are entitled to and eligible for a property to respond to its advertisement. And all of this is in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Honest leases

The candidate most entitled to the rental is at the top of the list. The order of candidates takes into account, among other factors, registration time, medical urgency and how urgent the need to relocate is. Home seekers who are not entitled to the property are excluded from the list.

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