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A fast rental, happy customers

Embrace Housing gives you the tools you need to speed up the rental process of homes, short-stay rentals and student accommodation. Simply indicate what the rent must be and the rest is arranged automatically.

Personal control

From searching to finding the right property, home seekers can get started right way. All from a personalised page.

Faster rentals

The accommodation allocation system is designed such that properties remain vacant for a considerably shorter length of time.

Clear dashboard

Get an insight into data and statuses at a glance, whether its for a housing association or an entire region.

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Home seekers at the helm

Home seekers at the helm

Personalised interface

After creating an account, the interface is fully tailored to the home seeker. They provide their details and their preferences and the housing supply automatically adjusts accordingly. The most suitable home is at the top.

Full insight

Home seekers require different types of information, depending on where they are in the customer journey. At any time during this customer journey, they know exactly where they are and what is expected of them.

Automatic system

After a home seeker responds to a property, the system automatically gets to work. Once the response period has closed, properties, short-stay homes and student accommodation are allocated according to the familiar distribution models.

A fast rental, fewer void periods

The best place in the best location

The most suitable home will be shown first, based on the housing requirements, priority rules, suitability and the success rate of home seekers. The website provides active support to home seekers on their journey to a new home.

All familiar allocation models

All known distribution models are used when allocating houses, short-stay rentals, student accommodation and parking spaces. By monitoring the speed of the flow, the housing association can choose the most suitable model. It is also possible to record and test experimental models.

Automatic publication

Homes that are added to their system by corporations or umbrella organisations are published automatically and listed in the accommodation allocation system. Home seekers will therefore immediately see these – when relevant – within the personal offer.

A clear dashboard

At a glance

As a housing association, you have an overview of the status of all of properties listed at a glance, whether they are in one association or within an entire region. You can use this data to make timely adjustments where and when necessary.

Time for your customers

You set your parameters and the rest is taken care of. If additional information is required for the rental, suggestions are provided to make your choice easier. These suggestions are based on the results of previous choices.

Quality advertisements

The clearer and more thorough the design of a rental advertisement, the better tenants can assess whether properties suit them. You also receive simple suggestions that will improve your advertisements.

Secure and accessible

Digital accessibility

Naturally, our living space distribution system is fully A11Y compliant. We believe that Embrace should be accessible to everyone.

Multiple devices

All information within Embrace Housing is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile. Home seekers can therefore access the online portal wherever and whenever they want.

Online safety

We support iDIN and DigiD authentication, among others. This makes the experience even more convenient for home seekers while guaranteeing their safety online.


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