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What are its capabilities?

Through our products – Portals, Customers, Housing and Workspace – we offer housing associations a total solution for their digital services. The main functions are as follows:

Embrace Portals

Online portal for tenants

Tenants can use the online customer portal to arrange their own affairs largely themselves. If matters cannot be resolved via the portal, the issue transitions seamlessly to the customer tracking system.

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Embrace Customers

Customer contact centre overview

If tenants cannot find an answer in the online portal, they are automatically directed to the customer tracking system: Embrace Customers. Here, a customer contact centre employee provides further help.

Embrace Workspace

In contact with organisations and colleges

If the customer contact employee still needs further information or wants to transfer a task to another colleague within the housing association, this can be done via the social intranet, Embrace Workspace.

Online portal for tenants

Portal in the form of a website

The tenant portal is fully integrated in the housing association’s website. As a result, tenants cannot notice the difference between the website and the portal.


Once a customer has submitted an enquiry or request, its status can be continuously monitored using track-and-trace. This information is presented on a clear timeline.

Customer recognition (personalisation)

The customer is recognised within the portal. As a result, the entire environment within the portal is tailored to the customer and certain data is accessible even faster.

Self-service scenario designer

The self-service scenario designer makes it possible to design different scenarios easily for each tenant, such as submitting repair requests or terminating rent.

Integrated chat function

The online tenant portal includes a chat function. Initially, any questions asked by the tenant are answered by the integrated knowledge bank. However, if this “standard” response does not answer the question adequately, it will automatically get transferred over to a customer contact centre employee.

Customer tracking system

Customer tracking system

Customer card

The customer card provides the employee with a complete picture of the tenant at a glance. In addition to all customer interactions, this is where you will also find the customer data, various contracts, financial data and notices about the tenant.


All customer interactions are displayed in a clear timeline on the customer card. Or if something changes in the ERP system, a mail item is sent by the DMW, an account is created in the customer portal or a question is asked over the telephone, it is shown chronologically on the timeline.

Case-oriented working

With case-oriented working, both the tenant and the employee can see which steps still need to be taken in a process and the expected length of time that this will take. It is also possible to send certain questions or requests directly from the customer tracking system to those with the relevant knowledge within the housing organisation (or external parties).

Knowledge bank

Answering tenant questions is child’s play with the Embrace knowledge bank. Customer contact centre employees receive assistance from suggestions directly out of the knowledge base. Answers in the tenant portal are also based on this knowledge base.

Living space distribution system

Control advertisement quality

Advertisements indicate the quality of the housing on offer. The higher the quality of the advertisement, the better home seekers can assess whether a home suits them and meets their requirements. This benefits a fast throughput of the property.

Predict allocation models

Use data to choose the most suitable distribution model. Housing uses machine learning to recognise the patterns that arise in the choices made regarding the distribution of rental properties. For example, choose “direct mediation” for a less popular home.

Prioritised to-do list

Housing consultants’ tasks are prioritised automatically, meaning they immediately know what their first step is. For example, if two properties require advertisements, the property with the higher rental price comes first.

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