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Space for human work

The human cloud connects automated services with human knowledge exchange. With our solutions for self-service portals, customer tracking systems and digital workplaces, we are creating space for human work.

Digitalise processes

Embrace digitizes time-consuming processes. So you can spend time on what matters.

Omnichannel customer contact

Create a clear overview by combining all channels with the customer in one organised dashboard.

Share knowledge

Connect people with each other, with knowledge and ideas. Working together comes easily with our social intranet.

All sides of Embrace

Embrace connects digital services with the digital workplace. Our software automates processes when possible, but involves professionals from your organisation when necessary.

  • Embrace Workspace

    Connect people, knowledge and ideas

  • Embrace Customers

    Create overview in contact with customers

  • Embrace Portals

    A self service solutions for tenants

  • Embrace Housing

    The living space distribution system

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