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Embrace - The Human Cloud

We are Embrace – The Human Cloud. Our software helps organisations automate processes and unlock knowledge. We like to make meaningful connections between people. Smart technology helps your organisation progress, but it cannot do that without the knowledge and experience of people.

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We are Embrace


We go the extra mile for our customers. Always, every day, for every customer. Our software brings our customers success.


We are lightning fast. Our customers get what they need tomorrow, today – and what our competitors won’t think of until next week.


We believe that design matters. Unattractive software does not cut it. We want users to be happy with us.


We are professionals. Good, user-friendly software is vital for our customers, which is why we are always there for them.


Together, we form a sophisticated knowledge bank of smart thinkers and pro-active doers. Together, we make a difference.


We are The Human Cloud. We make meaningful connections. Human-to-human connections.

A living knowledge bank

Every organisation has a sophisticated knowledge base – including you. A reservoir of information and experience that has been filling with data for years. A knowledge base that rapidly finds answers from personal insights and experience. The place were you can consult experts. We call the knowledge bank The Human Cloud.

Meaningful connections

At the precise moment when people need to make a difference, each organisation can draw directly from its own Human Cloud, finding relevant answers quickly to arrive at distinctive solutions for a high-quality service.

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The Human Cloud

We make software. And not just any software: beautiful software that smartly digitises processes, provides relevant answers at the speed of light, uses human knowledge where necessary and learns from every transaction and dialogue. Software that takes you further.

What kind of people work
at Embrace?

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We really go for it. Even on Monday mornings. We know each other’s first names, including yours. And we say it how it is.

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Think big, act small. We adjust our biggest plans every day. We build our own Embrace model from agile, Scrum and SAFe.

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Of our software. Of our customers. Of our stories and our people. We are proud of who we are and what we do.

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Together we stand stronger. We know that we can move faster as a team. It’s not always the easiest solution, but its the best.

Would you like to work at Embrace?

Then you will be part of a 150-strong club of pragmatic, enthusiastic members with a passion for tech and a love for people. And it’s quite understandable that you would like that! What do we want? We want to be at the forefront, giving our customers what they need tomorrow, today – and what our competitors won’t think of until next week. Are you ready to help build our Human Cloud?

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Would you like to experience the power of Embrace yourself?

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