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Open all of your applications from within Embrace

With Liquit you turn your social intranet into a digital work environment.

Start all your applications from within Embrace

With Liquit you transform Embrace Workspace into a true workplace portal. Everything you need to do your job properly is accessible from one place. With Liquit you can open all applications that you use for work from the personal start page on Embrace.

Liquit benefits

– Access applications with only one click

– Single sign-on: just one system to login to

– Everything facilitated in one place

– Easier for all employees

Access to which applications?

With Liquit you unlock all the applications you need to do your work properly. It combines all applications in one screen, in one widget, which can be opened with one click. It provides access to applications:

– that are used online (as SaaS)

– that run on the network of the organization

– that are installed on the user’s device

Quote from the ZuidOostZorg case

“We wanted to move towards a situation in which employees are facilitated from their position and from their work location. An environment where they can find what they need. Liquit is perfect for that. It offers employees the applications they need to perform their work based on their profile. “

Tjeerd van der Schaaf – Information manager

Liquit implementation in Embrace

Several organisations use Liquit within Embrace. It is easy to access applications such as Vilans, Iprova and ECDs (and many more). In collaboration with multiple partners, we can also quickly integrate Liquit with your social intranet.

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