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What are its main features?

Do you wonder how the social intranet – Embrace Workspace – supports employees in their daily work? Find an overview of its main features below.

Start of the day

Personalised homepage
Your working day begins in the home screen. The timeline shows messages which are relevant to you. You can choose from a wide range of widgets to configure your home screen exactly the way you want it. Make Embrace your own digital workplace portal.
Embrace-Workspace-Wat kan het allemaal-02

Work together in groups

Consult, share and edit
Collaboration in Embrace mainly happens within 'Groups'. The groups can be created for specific departments, projects or for social activities. People outside the organisation can also be invited to participate as guest users.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

The Embrace app

With the Embrace app you can access Workspace anywhere, anytime. You can always collaborate with colleagues, consult documents and share knowledge, wherever you may be.

One-stop shop

Microsoft 365

An integration with Microsoft 365 means that Workspace is the one place to go for all of your relevant Office documents, appointments, emails, Teams conversations and profiles.

Digital workplace portal

Because Embrace Workspace acts as a digital workplace portalafter logging in once (SSO) you have direct access to colleagues, groups, documents and all of your work applications.   

Many integrations

It is possible to add numerous integrations to Workspace. Think of specific HR integrations such as Connexys or EasyCruit. This way these applications can be used directly within the intranet.

It's getting personal

Personalised timeline

The personal timeline shows relevant messages posted by you and your colleagues. These can be messages that are directed to the entire organisation or messages within groups of which you are a member.


You can use widgets to arrange the homepage just the way you like it. A widget is a mini application with limited functionality that provides quick access to important information. Embrace’s social intranet offers users more than 25 applications to make the dashboard even more personal.


Make sure your profile is properly completed. This way, colleagues know exactly who you are and what your skills are. You can also then be found by a keyword search with the Embrace search function.

Always up to date


All of the organisation’s news can be found in one place, and the organisation itself can decide how prominently and where the “news block” is displayed. Users then decide for themselves which of the organisation’s news categories they subscribe to or unsubscribe from, using tags and news filters.

Knowledge and control

The knowledge and control section is an overview of the different themes and topics that are important to the organisation. Thanks to its logical structure (breadcrumbs) and an A-to-Z overview, employees can quickly find the right information.


The calendar can be found on your personal homepage. It provides an overview of upcoming events. You add items to the calendar using the CMS. Modules offer even more possibilities: for example, you can quantify the number of participants, set up reserve lists, monitor the event and actively share information with the participants.


Receive a weekly (or daily) email containing a summary of missed discussions, chats, tasks and the top three most popular posts. This way, you are always well informed.

Social analytics

As an administrator you want to know how the intranet is being used. You can find out thanks to the social analytics function, which immediately shows which functions are popular and which still need improvement. Google Analytics, Matomo and PowerBI are also connected.

You work better together


Documents and files can be uploaded to the groups, meaning everyone in the group has access to the latest version of any given document and can open it straightaway in Word or Word Online. A handy previewer allows you to work on the file from within Embrace.

Pages and version control

It is possible to create a “page” within a group, and members of the group can easily collaborate on that page, for example to make a presentation. With the WYSIWYG editor you can immediately see what it will look like and version management shows you who has made which adjustments.


You can use the “planner” (which is also part of a “group”) to schedule appointments, create tasks or set milestones for all group members.

Search = find​


You can easily search Embrace to find information, messages, colleagues and documents. Documents with a specific search term in the title or in the body text can also be found.

Photo book

Of course you have to know who is who on the intranet and you can quickly find the colleague you are looking for with the photo book. Search by name, role, telephone number or area of expertise, among other things. And remember – they can easily find you as well.

Enterprise search

The information that you need during the working day is increasingly more spread out. Enterprise search allows you to search through everything from one place: your personal dashboard. You can use this to search underlying systems directly, as well as Microsoft 365 (SharePoint), TOPdesk and iProva.

Navigation via the sidebar


Use the sidebar to navigate quickly to your own profile, groups of which you are a member, colleagues or tasks. Notifications appear if a message that is relevant to you has been posted.


You receive notifications when a message that is relevant to you is posted somewhere on the social intranet. These could be messages in the feed, messages in groups or when a news story is posted.

Chat function

If you want to share information with a specific (group of) colleague(s) or if your information is not intended for or relevant to the entire group, you can use the chat function. 

Social task management

You can use social task management to delegate tasks within your organisation. It allows colleagues to delegate tasks, making others responsible for picking up, monitoring and solving those tasks.

Telephone directory

Make an inventory of organisations, locations and departments as well as people. Information such as an address, telephone number, email address and a description can be entered in the telephone directory. 


Various applications can be opened via the sidebar. This means you can access the applications that you need for your work with just one click, directly from the homepage. 

Accessible any time


Workspace can be used in multiple languages, as must be the case if you want to collaborate across borders. We support the following languages: Dutch, German, English, French and Swedish.

WCAG guidelines

Workspace must be accessible by everyone. By continuously conducting WCAG audits on our intranet, we ensure that it meets the latest WCAG guidelines. 


As you can open Workspace on your computer, tablet or mobile device (for example using the app), you have access to the social intranet anywhere, at any time. Your colleagues and documents are therefore always close by. 

Effective management

Different rights

We are all for equal rights, just not on the intranet. Different groups of users have different rights in Workspace. Environment managers or community managers have the most rights, and guest users the least.

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