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See below which functionalities Workspace offers

Combine all knowledge within the organization

Embrace Workspace is the beating heart of the organization. Work together, share knowledge and ask the experts your questions.

You start your working day on the homepage. The timeline shows all messages from you and your colleagues. With various widgets you complete your homepage and create your own digital workplace.

The personal timeline shows all messages posted by you and your colleagues. This can be messages addressed to the entire organization, but also messages in groups of which you are a member.

You can arrange the homepage with many widgets. A widget is a mini application with a limited functionality that gives you quick access to important information.

Of course you have to know who is who on the intranet. With the face book you will quickly find the colleague you are looking for. Oh, and they find you just as easy.

Provide a well-filled profile. This way colleagues know exactly who you are and what you can do. Moreover, you can be found on certain keywords via the Embrace search function.

Workspace can be used in multiple languages. That is also necessary if you want to work together across borders. We support the following languages: Dutch, German, English, French and Swedish.

With the Embrace app, you can access Workspace anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are, you can always collaborate with colleagues, consult documents and share knowledge.

All organizational news can be found in a central location. In the design phase of the social intranet, you as an organization can decide for yourself how prominent and where the ‘news block’ is displayed.

The know and arrange section is an overview of different themes and topics that are important to the organization. Thanks to the logical structure, employees quickly click to the right information.

You can find the agenda on the personal homepage. It offers a clear list of upcoming events. You add the agenda items via the content system. It is configurable that every colleague can add an item.

Within Embrace you can easily search and find documents, messages, colleagues and documents. Documents with a specific search term in the title or in the text are also found.

With the sidebar you can quickly navigate to groups, colleagues or tasks. Notifications will also appear here if a message relevant to you has been posted.

You will receive notifications when a message relevant to you appears somewhere within the social intranet. These can be messages in the feed, messages in groups or when a news item is posted.

Receive a weekly (or daily) email with a summary of missed threads, chats, tasks and a top 3 of the most popular posts. This way you are always informed.

As an administrator, are you curious how the intranet is used? You can find out thanks to the Social Analytics function. This immediately shows which functions are popular and for which there is still room for improvement.

We are for equal rights, but not within the intranet. Different groups of users have different rights in Workspace. The environment manager or community manager most, guest users the least.

Collaboration on Embrace mainly takes place in “Groups”. You can think of groups for departments, for specific projects, but also groups in which people from outside the organization can participate.

Within these groups it is possible to upload documents and files. That way, everyone in the group can access the most recent version of a particular document or file.

Within groups it is possible to create a “page”. You can also easily work together in such a page, for example on a presentation. Thanks to version management, you can quickly see who made which adjustments.

With the help of the “planner” – again part of a “group” – you can schedule appointments, create tasks or record specific milestones for all group members.

If you want to share information with a specific colleague or if it is information that is not intended or relevant for all group members, you can use the chat function.

You use Social Task Management to delegate tasks within your organization. This allows colleagues to delegate tasks. In this way they become responsible for taking on, monitoring and solving those tasks.