NMG takes the next step in digital services: Self-service customer portal!

Following Embrace's omnichannel CRM system, NMG has also brought a self-service customer portal online today. As a result, another big leap forward has been made in digital services. This move marks a new era in customer focus and efficiency for the company.

With the implementation of the self-service customer portal, NMG offers personalized services 24/7. This innovative technology enables the tenant to complete the customer journey completely digitally.

The addition of the self-service customer portal streamlines the customer interaction process through deeply personalized customer experiences. All processes, from the repair request to the termination of the lease, are customized. The customer portal is linked to Aareon's REMS. Because of this integration, the customer portal is experienced as “smart”.

“Aareon's seamless integration with REMS makes our customer portal always up to date. Tenants now not only have 24/7 access to their data, but can also change it.”

Bart Brulot, director of NMG

He continues: “In addition, repair requests and rental cancellations land directly and in a structured way in REMS. Conversely, status messages are returned to the tenant in real time.”

The customer portal is within six (!) brought online for weeks. Through close cooperation between the parties, combined with a standardized approach, this was possible.

The drive to innovate at NMG is clearly noticeable because the next project is already under construction. In the coming weeks, the customer portal will be further expanded and maintenance companies will be connected via Aareon's chain platform.

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